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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nam Nam Noodle Bar with mummy!

 photo file_zps1e61d548.jpg

OOTD for shopping with mummy.

 photo file_zps8effe294.jpg

I ordered a value lunch set for myself, its S$9.90 and only on weekdays 10am to 3pm.

The set includes: Classic coffee with condensed milk (a tiny cup, contrast between Vitty & coffee)

 photo file_zps17ec40b0.jpg

Fresh southern rolls with sweet shrimp, egg and fresh herbs

 photo file_zps2f6f9ab9.jpg

Pho chicken slices

Then (below) I ordered a Dry sauteed lemongrass pork noodle S$7.90
for mummy. Chose and recommended this to her because I think it will taste good, and indeed she likes it! 

Nam Nam Noodle Bar
252 North Bridge Road #B1-46 Raffles City Shopping Centre Tel: 63360500

 photo file_zpsd034620b.jpg

Camwhore shot while waiting for mummy in the Ladies.

 photo file_zps9d0cd019.jpg

Going out with mummy = must have coffee break, literally coffee break. So we pop by Ya Kun and have a cup of coffee each!

 photo file_zpsc3bc4a4e.jpg

Utilised this voucher to get a swiss roll!

 photo file_zps75262bb1.jpg

Me, waiting for mummy while she try on pants at G2000, bought the pants and a cardigan from New Look for her. Where to find such a good daughter like me!

 photo file_zps8c1a75c0.jpg

 photo file_zpsc6599d4b.jpg

Coffee swiss roll that my family loves (from Polar) S$6.

 photo file_zps52c28397.jpg

A gift from mummy to show her appreciation for bringing her out today. S$9.

S$9 is her sincerity. HAHAH wtf. Well its the thought that counts.

 photo file_zps4f905fff.jpg

Also collected a new bottle from Coach beacuse we spent a long time there.

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