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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HomeCook Meals *love*

Some random stuff before i post some yummy homecook food! :p  Brace yourself ( like what my dumb friend said)
 photo file_zpsd7023062.jpg

 photo file_zpsd5737c39.jpg

Finally I said good bye to my Hello Kitty (left) EZ link card holder and say HELLO to the new one on the right (from BFF on her Korea trip).

 photo file_zps374849c6.jpg

Kwey Chap.

 photo file_zpsfbdc5445.jpg

Seashells chocolate from K's mummy.

 photo file_zps427f1e2e.jpg

Awesome view & awesome shot.

The food (#hownototgetfat)

 photo file_zps31789632.jpg

 photo file_zpsa1487157.jpg

 photo file_zps21f7680d.jpg

 photo file_zps65c57711.jpg

Saw this funny but true one! They really should have this especially for those who had just broken up with their loved ones. Cheers, you will never know you will find the right one.

 photo file_zpsfde54449.jpg

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