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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Homecooked dinner!

This blog has become a more detailed version of my Instagram. Haha.

 photo file_zps1a06b8fe.jpg

Impromptu, unplanned and I can have yummy homecook tom yum noodles soup with sausage, char siew, meat balls, vege, meat with a plate of fried seaweed chicken to go along!

 photo file_zps661927ac.jpg

 photo file_zps677af530.jpg

 photo file_zpse82f9fa7.jpg

Then it ends with a sliced of pan fried bak kwa o.o HOW NICE!

 photo file_zps19d55fd0.jpg

In the car...

 photo file_zps8c49a672.jpg

Breakfast in the office.

 photo file_zps17c52a9e.jpg

And Starbucks ang pao with a drink purchased (during CNY period).

 photo file_zps6265aded.jpg

Hot drink from Gong Cha

 photo file_zpse2d0fe1e.jpg

Lasty, EXTRA RICH Ah Huat coffee with Ah Huat ang pao, tell me how not to huat? Punny.

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