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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Don Pie

 photo file_zps39ea25a9.jpg

Not commiting suicide, but I realised this painkillers had expired so i thought they make a good picture, so putting them to a bit of good use before throwing it away.

 photo file_zps6ff3da11.jpg

Finally DON's PIE after MANY MANY YEARS! A quarter of a pie...

 photo file_zps78129b6e.jpg

The whole pie good for 1 person.

 photo file_zps6496fdd3.jpg

Dessert from brother!

 photo file_zpse1a33915.jpg

Bought a protective thick soft case for VBook.

 photo file_zpsc1271343.jpg

S$2 Cookies & Cream Caramel Corn from Daiso!

 photo file_zpse2f6eec3.jpg


 photo file_zpsfe2b312e.jpg

I love my nails :( which had now become something that you won't want to see.

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