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Monday, February 16, 2015

Lunar New Year 2015 @ Tomo Izakaya

Address: 3A River Valley Road #01-04 Clarke Quay Singapore 179020
Opening Hours: Please click here for opening hours / outlets

Opening Hours during CNY
18th February 2015 (eve of CNY) - Closed
19th February 2015 (1st Day of CNY) - Dinner operation only
    Clarke Quay 6pm to 1am
    Esplanade 5pm to 11pm
20th February 2015 (2nd Day of CNY) - Dinner operation only
    Clarke Quay 6pm to 3am
    Esplanade 5pm to 11pm
21st February 2015 (3rd Day of CNY) - Operation as usual

 photo file_zpse56f25bf.jpg

Tomo Izakaya is introducing specially curated Japanese-inspired Chinese New Year set menus, offering patrons a different dining experience this Lunar New Year!

 photo file_zps016f558b.jpg

 photo file_zpsf45e9248.jpg

 photo file_zpsf45f30ac.jpg

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 photo file_zpsf83c0b89.jpg

The origins of izakaya are the traditional pubs in old buildings frequented by Japanese salarymen who would, after a long hard day at work, unwind over large amounts of sake, wines and spirits together with snacks and still go home for dinner.

 photo file_zps49583a93.jpg

 photo file_zps37803bc3.jpg

 photo file_zps157717d8.jpg

 photo file_zpsab3fdcf2.jpg

There is also a private room!

 photo file_zpsa4e0211d.jpg

 photo file_zps96349738.jpg

Unlike the usual set courses offered in restaurants, the Chinese New Year set menus at Tomo Izakaya features at least eight course authentic Japanese dishes which are meant to be shared among friends and family. All the sets come with appetizer, yu sheng, grilled dish, karaage items, rice dish, soup and dessert, as well as sake for tossing and pairing. This conviviality sets an izakaya apart from ordinary Japanese restaurants.

There are a total of 3 carefully curated festive menus available this Chinese New Year:
  • S$333 (4-6 pax)
  • S$666 (6-8 pax)
  • S$888 (8-10 pax) 

We tried the S$666 menu the other night, so you get to see what is in the set here!

 photo file_zps0b171407.jpg
Iwai Sake Tamano Hikari 720ml

 photo file_zps673b11a5.jpg
Simmered Duck, Unagi with Cucumber, Edamame, Deep Fried Baby River Prawn, Marinated Octopus Wasabi

Appetisers to start us off!

The Marinated Octopus may look a little turn off, but the flavouring is good and addictive.

Unagi on the other hand looks very appetising however it was pretty dry.

 photo file_zps70c0f9e2.jpg

 photo file_zpsa11ef83b.jpg

This Deep Fried Baby River Prawn is light and crispy, definitely goes well with beer!

 photo file_zpsc2652143.jpg

I love duck but this is not the kind I would like. Meat is rather dry, maybe more sauce would help.

 photo file_zps6c2f6b3a.jpg
Japanese Yusheng Tower S$66 (serves 3-4pax) / S$128 (serves 6-8 pax)

Inclusive of Amaebi (sweet shrimp sashimi), tobiko (flying fish roe), kanpachi (amberjack), and salmon stacked layer by layer forming a tower! Premium add-ons such as Hokkaido hotate, chutoro and ikura are available in medium S$20 and large S$40 sizes.

I suggest not to pour in the black sauce as it gets rather saltish. This is more of a savoury yusheng compared to our usual chinese sweet appetising yusheng. Still prefer the traditional. 

 photo file_zpsc9e73dbd.jpg
(Pic Credit: Alain)

 photo file_zpse21a4127.jpg
Toro, Chutoro Sushi

Fresh and good!

 photo file_zps974520d7.jpg
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salad

A pity that its nothing to shout about.

 photo file_zps562f4389.jpg
Deep Fried Whole White Meat Fish with Japanese Thick Yuzu Sauce

The fried fish comes in a whole but as we lifted the shredded carrot and radish, it reveals fried fish fillet for easier eating.

Actually it tasted like fried fish from fried fish bee hoon soup. My piece of fish didn't had much yuzu sauce, didn't quite taste the sweet sour yuzu.

 photo file_zpsa026776c.jpg
Tenderly Braised Pork Soft Rib Bone with Japanese Rice Cake

My favourite dish of all!

The meat just falls off the bone and it's combination with thinly sliced Japanese rice cake is perfect! It may not look appealing but it is very tasty, the sheets of rice cake on top and at the bottom gave chewiness to this dish. Best of all, its on the regular menu!

 photo file_zps22b10434.jpg
Prawn Miso Soup

1 more dish that is not featured here:
Grilled Lobster with Walnuts Miso Sauce

 photo file_zpsbf037930.jpg
Hokkaido Dessert Plate

Includes Matcha Warabimochi, Dango (rice balls), rice balls with azuki, kochi with azuki and cream filling.

Actually I didn't really know the names of the desserts that were served.

 photo file_zpsc24bcafe.jpg

I personally love the Matcha Warabimochi, so chewy and matcha-ish in flavour with a molten centre! Couldn't stop at 1 piece.

 photo file_zps47cb9c75.jpg

With this, we ended our reunion meal at Tomo Izakaya.

 photo file_zps76428f26.jpg

Thank you Tomo Izakaya for having us!

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