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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hong Kong Day 3: Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay

HONG KONG DAY 3 - 18th December 2014 Thursday (11°C - 15°C)

  1. Hokkaido Dairy Farm
  2. Jenny Bakery
  3. Moomin Cafe
  4. Pausa
  5. Oddies Foodies
  6. Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum
  7. Times Square
  8. Fashion Walk
  9. I Cremeria
  10. Sogo / Hello Kitty Le Petite Cafe
  11. Cafe Matchbox (with Hong Kong Instagrammers)
  12. Via Tokyo (with Hong Kong Instagrammers)
  13. I Cremeria (again! with Hong Kong Instagrammers)

 photo file_zpsff61df60.jpg

Hello! I am finally back with my Hong Kong Day 3 adventures, I can't believe I am not even at the half way mark of my travelogue, but I am still persistent on blogging my experience, so that I can use this as a reference the next time i go back, and also for you guys.

OOTD post in the comfort of our nest for 7 days, before heading out!

 photo file_zpsd6317936.jpg
A drink for K with the background of our bathroom, I bathed in very warm water everyday :P

1. Hokkaido Dairy Farm

4/F, Canton Plaza, 82-84 Canton Road

 photo file_zpsaaafb4e8.jpg
8.57am: Walked form our place and arrived here in no time! Hokkaido Dairy Farm is not recommended by most of the travellers, well, anyway heck, we just want to try everything!

Off topic: they said Hong Kong-ers are very fast paced, we walked along side with them, actually they were quite alright, I actually walk faster LOL!

Enter through here to the lift lobby.

 photo file_zps9e7d06f4.jpg
This is the lift lobby leading up to Hakkaido Dairy Farm, the nicest lift I have taken in Hong Kong so far.

 photo file_zps28e5b77c.jpg
The entrance.
 photo file_zps631b7d49.jpg

 photo file_zps6c91f4c8.jpg
It was a pretty cafe but i didn't get the chance to take more pictures before the crowd came in.

 photo file_zps1bcdbdbd.jpg

 photo file_zps10bdc9b5.jpg

 photo file_zps16f9f1c2.jpg
Healthy Set HKD31 ↝ S$5.35

3.6 milk scrambled egg with ham, toast with margarine, served with Hokkaido 3.6 milk.

We changed the milk to coffee though :P

 photo file_zpsc83de16a.jpg

 photo file_zps91ce7e3f.jpg
Hokkaido Breakfast Set HKD$29 ↝ S$5

This set includes Hokkaido 3.6 milk scrambled egg with ham, toast with margarine, macaroni/spaghetti in 3.6 milk chicken soup, and a cup of tea/coffee.

 photo file_zps6971fb9c.jpg
We topped up HKD6 ↝ S$1 to change our toast to waffles with peanut butter & condensed milk.

 photo file_zpse8064a9e.jpg
So this is 1 set with coffee. S$5, I am willing to eat this daily and its very filling!

 photo file_zps83b8c3b7.jpg

2. Jenny Bakery

Shop 24 Ground Floor, Mirador Mansion 54-64 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui (MTR Exit D2)
Telephone: 2311-8070
Opening hours: 9am - 6:30pm

 photo file_zps4f1963cf.jpg
9.50am: After breakfast we decided that since its early, we should go check out Jenny. The queue was long but not scarily long. The queue stretches outdoor (as you can tell from many pictures of Jenny Bakery), the wind was so strong, weather is cold BRRRR! All these, for Jenny Cookies.

Ticket stated each person is limited to 5 tins of cookies, however due to Christmas season, each person can only buy 2 tins. :(

So as usual, the IRRITANTS will go around, asking every single person in the queue if they are buying the maximum number.

 photo file_zps09969951.jpg
Surprisingly, the queue is very fast moving! In 20 minutes, we are done with our purchases.

I took this picture without knowing I will get scolded. I saw quite a few people who posted that they got scolding from the aunties in the shop for snapping a picture. I was lucky as the shop was in a mess at that point of time, ambulance & police were called in, but business/operations were as usual.

Almond cookies were sold out, they said. So I ordered ''2 big tins please'', the auntie snapped ''cannot! 1 person 1 big, 1 small tin'' and like almost want to serve the next customer. Yea I like their attitude though. :P

 photo file_zps4f2f0cbe.jpg
10.12am: Ambulance parked outside the building, it seems like a grandma was sitting in the shop but refused to move, not sure what happen though.

 photo file_zpsfa97d3ea.jpg
10.21am: Back at the hotel to put our cookies before we head out! Quite happy that we have gotten the cookies, and had our breakfast and ready for our adventures.

 photo file_zps71ed0709.jpg
Back at HarbourCity again!

 photo file_zpsab4c9404.jpg

 photo file_zpsd0ed8c9e.jpg
All wrapped up for another OOTD, everyday I seemed to be wearing the same :(

 photo file_zps1ec39238.jpg

 photo file_zpseb1df35d.jpg

 photo file_zpsae4da9e3.jpg

 photo file_zpscbbbb8c8.jpg

3. Moomin Cafe

Shop 32, Level 3, LCX, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui

 photo file_zpscb769cca.jpg
If you read my Hong Kong Day 1 post, you should know my 1st failed attempt to Moomin Cafe with my friend. K brought me here since its so near to our place.

 photo file_zps006b7f48.jpg

 photo file_zpsf0fb71d4.jpg
10.51am: Cafe opens at 11am and there is already a queue. Of course, we gladly joined the queue.

 photo file_zps3a4a8526.jpg

 photo file_zpscce8fd62.jpg

 photo file_zpsc8a901e8.jpg
11.14am: We are finally in! WOOHOO! Nice cafe with good lighting. Everything is so peaceful and pretty here, service is awesome too.

 photo file_zps558ab07d.jpg

 photo file_zpsee91d7d7.jpg
The menu

 photo file_zpse84f3673.jpg
Not sure to feel sad or happy that a SuperStar Virgo Cruise is blocking our sea view :(

 photo file_zpsebd02b27.jpg
Face is so round so i insist K to take another shot for me.

 photo file_zpse485e945.jpg
Still so round!

 photo file_zps6a38efad.jpg
Moomin House Pancake HKD138 ↝ S$23.80
Hot Moomin Latte HKD50 ↝ S$8.60

Spot that every single item, from cutleries to wet tissue is so cute!

 photo file_zps19326fde.jpg
11.29am: Breakfast (round 2) is served!

 photo file_zps7fe0a33e.jpg
Each Moomin House Pancake comes with a souvenir to bring home, you can choose from Moomin, Snorkmaiden, Moomin Mama, Moomin Papa or Lille My.

They will place the souvenir by the side, I place it on the pancake myself and it toppled, this explained why my Moomin Mama looked like Santa Claus.

 photo file_zps7d181144.jpg

 photo file_zps8660af12.jpg
See this Moomin House?

 photo file_zps3fc3048c.jpg
Its a hidden tower!

This Moomin House consist of Custard Pudding, Mango Pudding and Chocolate Mousse.

 photo file_zpsbe0e0a06.jpg
The pancakes got quite dry towards the end, so I ate them with Custard Pudding or Chocolate Mousse.

 photo file_zpsb56bdcc3.jpg
Hot Moomin Latte HKD50 ↝ S$8.60

You can even choose the silhouette of your latte, from Moomin, Little My, Snufkin or Hattifattener.

 photo file_zps9f775335.jpg
After we paid, the exit led us to the retail shop, the cute cutleries can be purchased here together with many other cutesy stuff.

 photo file_zpsd81ea670.jpg

 photo file_zpsd81ea670.jpg

 photo file_zps5ea64878.jpg

 photo file_zps2522fc2b.jpg
Walking around LCX after our meal.

 photo file_zps891a9aa7.jpg
Why their Starbucks sells nicer stuff???

 photo file_zps13ba4b71.jpg
Even have Red Velvet Molten Cake! I didn't try. Too many things to try, too little tummy space!

 photo file_zps3f788197.jpg

 photo file_zpsf0d6523e.jpg

 photo file_zps467a14ee.jpg

 photo file_zps4869b523.jpg


No. 3 Ship Street, Wan Chai

 photo file_zpsf57e7c2b.jpg
1pm: Arrived at Pausa, Wan Chai.

Pausa is a pasta/pizza take out place, there are 4-5 seats in the small eatery. We are not here for pizza or pasta, we are here for the gelato. LOL!

 photo file_zpsa8dc5e59.jpg

 photo file_zps83288ac0.jpg
Gelato HKD53 ↝ S$9.15

They have it in cone as well for HKD40 ↝ S$6.90.

The flavour is not fix, so while we were there, the flavours available is original and apple. So we had mix.

 photo file_zps25fe5778.jpg
It was really good, the apple flavour is light and refreshening.

The boss whom I assume is Italian, is very friendly. He asked for our opinion on the gelato and even replaced a nicer strawberry when he saw me snapping pictures LOL.

5. Oddies Foodies

Shop 1F, GF  No. 149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Wan Chai

 photo file_zps0f5c88be.jpg
1.33pm: Since we were nearby, or rather since we were in Wan Chai, might as well pop by Oddies Foodies and see, there was a crowd outside the shop, so we placed our order and waited. As the shop space is small, we waited outside like the rest. It was so crowded I don't know where to stand anymore :(

 photo file_zpsb53b8603.jpg
Like this.

 photo file_zpsc737a664.jpg
1.50pm: Finally K's turn to collect our ice cream!

 photo file_zps4f686868.jpg
As usual I prefer limited edition (Christmas special)instead of their usual items.

 photo file_zps96cb0690.jpg
Mont Blanc HKD55 ↝ S$9.50

Italian low fat soft gelato served with crunchy meringue, candied chestnut, chestnut vanilla ice cream, butter crumbs, blackcurrant compote, rose champagne espuma, handcrafted Christmas tree.

First few mouths, I actually regretted why I chose this, and why is everybody raving about Oddies Foodies. But I think its because of the Rose Champagne Espuma that made me taste a little off, but as we digged further, we tasted tinge of chestnut. I prefer they go heavier on the chestnut taste.

 photo file_zpsb2270a93.jpg
Original Egglets HKD14 ↝ S$2.40

At this point, we were really stuffed! To the brim. O.O
So egglets taste ok to me, I would love to try Kimochi, which is Kim Chi Egglet but K is not a fan, so I chose something safe.

6. Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum

G/F, 7 Tin Lok Lane,, Wan Chai

 photo file_zpsdac9a1a5.jpg
2.21pm: As recommended by Jacq, we have to try although our stomach is bursting and the Oddies' Egglets are in my bag.

 photo file_zps86e88860.jpg

 photo file_zps108f05de.jpg
One thing I am confused actually. Usually the locals will pour hot tea in their drinking cup and wash their utensils in it. So the tea is the same as drinking tea? HAHAHA I felt so skeptical of drinking it!

 photo file_zpsf25071dd.jpg
Har Kow HKD28 ↝ S$4.80

No complains, its my love!

 photo file_zps91360964.jpg
Siew Mai HKD24 ↝ S$4.15

Not a fan of siew mai which taste really strongly of pork.

 photo file_zps16ae1561.jpg
Crispy Shrimps Cheong Fun HKD28 ↝ S$4.80

Not sure the exact name nor whats the crispy thingy but its addictive. I insist to finish this up even my stomach is bursting. Ate this with XO sauce and it gave a spicy kick.

 photo file_zpsf0807a23.jpg

 photo file_zps590e11d1.jpg
Piglet Egg Custard HKD20 ↝ S$3.45

 photo file_zps3a29182d.jpg
To tell you the truth, we only managed to eat 1 piglet each, 1 got wasted as our stomaches were really bursting. But actually, it could be its not that awesome that we die die have to finish the liu sha pau.

Overall, I prefer the dim sums here to One Dim Sum that we had the day before.

 photo file_zpsf3868640.jpg

 photo file_zps1726c57a.jpg
3.34pm: More shoppings and we spotted Toast Box! I feel so at home, if you get what I mean.

7. Times Square

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, connected to Hennessy Road, Percival Road, Canal Road, Sharp Street East and Russell Street.

 photo file_zps132e1b7c.jpg

 photo file_zps406e39b5.jpg

 photo file_zps5f0a4f44.jpg

 photo file_zpsa2c997d5.jpg

 photo file_zps701a08c7.jpg

 photo file_zpsf5cb8028.jpg

 photo file_zpsa98b3766.jpg

 photo file_zps612fcb9a.jpg

 photo file_zpsac4a48b0.jpg

 photo file_zps79efe59b.jpg

 photo file_zps4d656c4f.jpg
This is actually at Lee Gardens if I remember correctly. They really put in lots of efforts for CHristmas Decorations!

 photo file_zps27466ac0.jpg

 photo file_zps8ae2361c.jpg

8. Fashion Walk

Great George Street / Paterson Street/ Cleveland Street / Kingston Street / Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

 photo file_zpsa8d85d9b.jpg
4.23pm: The day is still young, we were so full and tired, seemed like we have accomplished many places and its still early. Life is awesome.

 photo file_zps376424a9.jpg

9. I Cremeria

 photo file_zpsba13f504.jpg

5.09pm: Greatly introduced by a fellow Hong Kong Instagrammer Tony, we were here to try out the ice cream. To be frank, we were still very full. It was a quiet afternoon, and we thought the business wasn't too good.

 photo file_zps4dc3a71b.jpg

 photo file_zpsc56727a8.jpg

 photo file_zps4d10aa5d.jpg
All from Japan including the fruits!

 photo file_zps3c426cbe.jpg
Melon topped with Soft Serve HKD180 ↝ S$31

Took this from the display, too expensive and its just the 2 of us, so we didn't managed to try this. After coming home, and blogging this, made me regret for not trying. >_< Well, another time!

 photo file_zps5b40a0f4.jpg

 photo file_zpsa59e385b.jpg
Uji Matcha Affogato HKD48 ↝ S$8.30

This was what we had instead. Love the significant green tea taste, very good in quality however the downside is that it melted too quickly. This is taken 3 steps after we collected the ice cream from the counter.

10. Sogo / Hello Kitty Le Petite Cafe

 photo file_zps72ac9ea6.jpg

 photo file_zpsf8ca8776.jpg

 photo file_zps11b38577.jpg

 photo file_zpsbc99d9a3.jpg

 photo file_zps745a6137.jpg

 photo file_zps5df52b00.jpg

 photo file_zps606d950c.jpg
5.42pm: More shopping at Sogo and we came to Hello Kitty Le Petite Cafe which is only a takeaway store located at the basement of Sogo.

 photo file_zpse774cfeb.jpg

 photo file_zps697868bf.jpg
Everything in the display appeals to me. Wished I could buy everything!

 photo file_zpse46e5f4e.jpg

 photo file_zpsab50aa6f.jpg

 photo file_zps1a98701e.jpg

 photo file_zps7d8e33b3.jpg
Earl Grey Ribbon Macaron HKD30 ↝ S$5.20
Raspberry Macaron HKD28 ↝ S$4.80

 photo file_zpsd8c2e61d.jpg

 photo file_zpsc721ff2c.jpg

 photo file_zps85e9a9a6.jpg
Even the ham is so cute!

 photo file_zpsfe795e5e.jpg

 photo file_zps588f3821.jpg

11. Cafe Matchbox

G/F, Highland Mansion,  8 Cleveland Street,  Causeway Bay

 photo file_zps237c427b.jpg
6.41pm: Featuring my newly made Hong Kong friends, Tony & Sophronia!
Tony wanted to bring us for some Sichuan food but he is afraid that its not to our liking, so they brought us to a Bing Sutt instead. Such a cute name, and it is not listed on those tourist to-go places. I am lucky that we have them to bring us around.

A Hong Kong-er commented on my Instagram that she didn't even know there is this place. HEH proud to even win its own people. :p

 photo file_zps2743f8b7.jpg

 photo file_zps7699efc5.jpg
Scrambled Egg & Ham with Butter Toast + Char Siew Spaghetti Soup + Tea set HKD44 ↝ S$7.60

The best Iced Milk Tea we had throughout these 7 days!

 photo file_zpscb0080ef.jpg
The eggs were good! Didn't really like the toast though.

 photo file_zpsc759f92d.jpg

 photo file_zpse4543d21.jpg
A different kind of spaghetti, we called this Hong Kong Spaghetti.

 photo file_zpse84cb76f.jpg
Banana Pancake + Chicken Pie in Pea Soup + Tea Set HKD52 ↝ S$9

Sounds a little disgusting to me - pea soup but it taste great!
K & Tony who don't eat peas, also ate this, especially Tony who had many servings.

 photo file_zps3b8e2a54.jpg
I think I don't need to say more, pancakes were soft & fluffy!

 photo file_zpsf61bb070.jpg
French Toast HKD32 ↝ S$5.50

 photo file_zps440edbe8.jpg
Decent French Toast however, its not to both of our liking.

Nonetheless, thank you Tony & Sophronia bringing us here!

12. Via Tokyo

 photo file_zps08eaaabc.jpg
7.46pm: After dinner, they brought us to try Via Tokyo! I have heard so much of these back home, we definitely have to give it a try!

It was full house when we arrived, we waited a while before we found seats at the communal table.

 photo file_zps6364eb24.jpg

 photo file_zpsb9dc5cc3.jpg

 photo file_zps6384179d.jpg
Genmaicha Soft Serve

I had missed Houjicha, so Tony order Genmaicha for us instead. It was good!

 photo file_zps0436a320.jpg
Matcha Affogato HKD45 ↝ S$7.75

Velvety & creamy, but taste wise we still prefer I Cremeria's.

 photo file_zpsb394b819.jpg
After pouring in the matcha latte.

Thank you Tony for the treats!

 photo file_zps8b48e24d.jpg
8.58pm: We were so stuffed, we officially surrendered. So Tony & Sophronia showed us around.

This is taken outside Cafe R&C, which we decided to give it a miss. If you know the famous blue drink here, is actually only milk with no taste. Only perfect for taking pics, so K & I decided that we save our moolahs for other food. :P

 photo file_zpsa29a6655.jpg
9.03pm: This was right beside Via Tokyo!

Sophronia said that this is the most famous egglet (but it was closed, so we didn't get to try). I have to eat this the next time round!

 photo file_zps16e6ec4b.jpg
9.05pm: Softree is also in the vincity.

Lots of good food here! Can spend half a afternoon hopping here. These few shops are literally a few doors away from one another.

13. I Cremeria

 photo file_zps2ab570dd.jpg
9.28pm: Back here as Sophronia wanted to try. See the difference in the crowd. We judged too quickly earlier on, we apologise.

 photo file_zpsb08a9d0d.jpg

 photo file_zps60ab2d9d.jpg
Yuzu Matcha Animitsu Soft Cream Parfait HKD56 ↝ S$9.70

They said this kochi yuzu balls and shiratama is super chewy!

 photo file_zps873b4c6f.jpg

 photo file_zps5aea88e8.jpg

Lastly, whipped out our selfie stick and took a pic in the MTR station. We were saying bye to one another and realised ''we didn't take a pic together!''.

So its in the MTR LOL! Thank you for the wonderful memories, although short. Till the next time! <3

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