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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Celebrate Valentine's Day 2015 @ Fart Tartz

Address: 1 Expo Drive, #02-04 Singapore 486150

 photo file_zpse774edc5.jpg

Received a beautiful box of pretty cupcakes last Friday! Using beautiful and pretty in one sentence but its not enough to describe his gift.

 photo file_zpsa3a62e55.jpg

After taking lots of pictures, finally I unboxed it. Have to say (again) that I really love the lighting here.

 photo file_zpscb99815a.jpg
Sweetheart Box S$20

This box of gorgeous potted desserts is available in 5 flavours:
  • Oreo Nutella
  • Matcha
  • Ovomaltine
  • Snickers Oreo
  • Orange Blossom

You can mix and match, and choose whatever flavour you want. Place your order 1 day in advance!  (for orders in bulk, 2-3 days in advance)

 photo file_zpsf6980580.jpg

 photo file_zpsaaba86fe.jpg
Orange Blossom

 photo file_zps90216af6.jpg

Ate 2 pots at Fart Tartz, then brought 2 pots home, so pardon the ugly pictures taken at home. :P

 photo file_zpse7e1dd28.jpg

I have to say, huge improvement to their Matcha tarts! Its much greener now, so it has more matcha taste woohoo. Good for matcha lovers like me!

 photo file_zps2ee67708.jpg
Snickers Oreo

 photo file_zpsb2d941d4.jpg

Snickers lover must definitely try!

 photo file_zps3e068d21.jpg

Apart from Valentine's Day desserts, they also launched a new menu woohoo! So K & I checked them out!

 photo file_zps61971dfe.jpg
Teriyaki Chix Flatties S$11.90

Grilled chunky chicken with mayo & teriyaki sauce, crunchy fish roe, mixed greens in between 2 crispy grilled flatbreads!

 photo file_zps9abc3163.jpg

Gorgeous looking, not only that. It tasted so good that we want to try the rest of the flatties (next time!).

 photo file_zpsa379ca11.jpg

K ate them so neatly, but I am a messy eater, I cannot.

 photo file_zpsd3c84a2f.jpg
Bulbous Oriental Spaghetti S$12.90

Spaghetti tossed with olive oil, topped with smoked duck, crunchy fish roe, parsley and sea salt garlic powder.

 photo file_zpsb2ca930e.jpg

New addition to the Jar Pasta family! Lots of crunchy fish roe, so crunchy with every bite. This 2 mains didn't disappoint, although both of us prefer the flatties, we both love teriyaki chicken!

And for the upcoming CNY,

 photo file_zps7422e2b1.jpg
CNY dessert pots S$6.80

Valentine's Day & CNY is approaching very fast, I have not started my spring cleaning. I guess this year I have to forgo baking Kueh Lapis :(

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