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Monday, February 9, 2015

''Happy Goat Lucky'' 2015 @ BreadTalk

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All CNY products will be on sale at all BreadTalk outlets island-wide from 15th January to 5th March 2015.

 photo file_zps552fa811.jpg

Year after year, I am very impressed by BreadTalk's CNY & Xmas creations. Look at this year's (Year of Goat) breads from BreadTalk!

 photo file_zps6ccbb9de.jpg

BreadTalk launched a trendsetting and creative collection of ‘Happy Goat Lucky’-inspired sweet and savoury buns fashioned after symbols of prosperity; gold coins, precious ingots, pots of gold and even Mandarin oranges.

 photo file_zpsb20a398e.jpg
Wisma's neat display of bread.

The Chinese New Year's breads are:

Chestnut Ingot S$1.80

Auspicious looking bun. Filled with sweet chestnut and red bean paste, it signifies a sweet and prosperous start to the New Year!

 photo file_zpsf498e898.jpg
Bak Kwa Treasures S$2.80

Resembling a gold coin, this bun is filled with a spicy sambal pork floss and topped by a slice of bak kwa!

 photo file_zps7c472d92.jpg
Prosperity Polo S$1.80

In Hokkien, the pineapple‟s name ‘ong lai’ means "fortune is coming‟!
Crispy bo luo crust topped with a layer of creamy custard, and crowned with a slice of sweet, juicy pineapple.

 photo file_zps863f0490.jpg
Mandarina Luck S$1.80

Mandarina Luck has a citrusy orange peel filling and orange-flavoured crust.

 photo file_zps4f81da02.jpg
Happy Goat Lucky S$2.80

Stuffed with sweet-and-smoky char siew (barbecued pork); a must-have delicacy every CNY.
Its too-cute-to-eat mien is completed with fluffy pork floss resembling a tuft of hair and features outlined with chocolate ganache. I must say this is innovative!

 photo file_zps50c5d548.jpg
Pot go Gold S$1.80

A traditional Chinese food icon of illustriousness and wealth.

 photo file_zpsadf8491f.jpg

Generous amount of velvety pumpkin paste 😱😱

Besides the scrumptious bread products, a selection of delectable pineapple tarts, cashew cookies, savoury shrimp crisps and prune and date cakes will also be available.
All products will be on sale at all BreadTalk outlets island-wide from 15th January to 5th March 2015.

Thank you BreadTalk for the ''Happy Goat Lucky'' breads, meh me love them all!

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