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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eat Ripe Products ERP @ 50 Race Course Road

Eat Ripe Products (ERP)
Address: 50 Race Course Road Singapore 218562
Aircon: No, pretty warm in the afternoon

 photo file_zpsd249c294.jpg

On a very hot afternoon, we went to ERP to have fruits. :P You will never miss the shop as it resembles our ERP as well as our road names signage.

 photo file_zpsdb3c754b.jpg

Even the interior of the shop is drawn with yellow lines and yellow boxes on the floor

 photo file_zps5f6a5274.jpg

as well as our famous Merlion, MBS, Singapore Flyer on the wall.

As I said it was a hot afternoon, the whole shop is like a mini sauna. Even the drinks don't feel very icy cold.

 photo file_zps103dc78c.jpg

We had

Strawberry Milkshake S$4
Watermelon Milkshake S$4
Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream & Mango S$8

Prices above were just an estimated price as we were not issued a receipt. The only price we are confirmed is Strawberry Milkshake.

 photo file_zps9e9bc956.jpg

Ice cream melted too quickly. The waffles is surprisingly good. After disappointments from a few waffles place, I don't expect ERP to serve nice waffles, however it is up to standard and best of all, mango is sweet! They have savoury waffles too, do check them out.

 photo file_zps9982532c.jpg

Our pretty pink drinks.


  1. Dear Vivienne,

    I am the owner of Eat Ripe Products, Darren. First off, I'd like to offer you a big thank you for your write up on our humble establishment. We appreciate all the feedback we receive from customers and we are glad you enjoyed our waffles! We would like you to know that since your visit, we have installed air conditioning in our shop after feedback from other customers as well! We hope you will continue visiting our shop from time to time and share it with your friends to help us grow into our potential! We have even added popsicles to our menu for you and your friends to enjoy on a hot day! Hope to see you at ERP again soon!

    Eat Ripe Products Management

    1. Hi Darren, many thanks for replying my blog post as well as taking feedbacks into consideration and even made improvements to them. Will definitely drop by soon! Keep up the good work!