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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Serangoon Gardens Market & Starbucks Crave & Craze

 photo file_zps764fa21e.jpg

Soon Huat Pig Organs Soup
Serangoon Gardens Market

This is still my favourite kwey chap (without kwey)

 photo file_zpsf124b6a5.jpg

Butter cake

 photo file_zps5ed14d71.jpg

Chocolate cake!

Pancake King
Serangoon Gardens Market

 photo file_zps693fb8f0.jpg

Starbucks is love and can you guess what.

Every 18 cups of drink you bought with your starbucks card, you are entitled to a free Limited Edition Mini Starbucks Card.

And OMG, I've got 3. THREE. Mini cards.

 photo file_zpsce784fff.jpg

 photo file_zpsf9413a96.jpg

For mummy.

 photo file_zps696c7494.jpg

Yikes. Fashion disaster. So i took out the socks after this picture.

 photo file_zps8a93ae7f.jpg

Awesome Jollibean pancake that is very filling.

 photo file_zps3bac9b14.jpg

Toto Queue. o.o

 photo file_zps4471aa10.jpg

 photo file_zpsb06acee2.jpg

Lao to a huat huat year ahead!

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