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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flor Patisserie

I am back to show you some nice Japanese Cakes!

 photo file_zps8e115a02.jpg
Orange Rare Cheese

A Melt in your mouth rare cheese cake with bits of chocolate crumble for that added texture. Topped with the sweetest tangy mandarins for that refreshing finish.  Price: S$6.95
 photo file_zpsd785f005.jpg

Using only the best Kyoto-uji matcha imported from Kyoto, Japan. Gion is a district in Japan well known for Geishas. And just like the pretty Geishas, this pretty little dessert, consisting of silky smooth Matcha Mousse sandwiched between layers of  Matcha Almond sponge and a surprise vanilla mousse centre is just irresistible!  Price: S$6.95

Flor Patisserie
Takshimaya Basement 2, Food Hall

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