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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Company Buffet Lunch & randoms

Had buffet lunch in the pantry before i leave the office.

 photo file_zpsf386f230.jpg

 photo file_zpse854e13d.jpg

 photo file_zps5ee40b5f.jpg

 photo file_zps0d1e1766.jpg

 photo file_zps484586a0.jpg

Packing & found this photo. OMG. You will never know how ugly you looked, back then.

 photo file_zps2510c87d.jpg

 photo file_zpsf3dfdcb6.jpg

Mummy make omelette bak kwa.

 photo file_zps0cdd5345.jpg

 photo file_zpsdc22e96e.jpg

Very old school compass. What it used to be is the one with wooden pencil, then they ''upgraded'' to mechanical pencil.

 photo file_zps9bc72d5f.jpg

And I also found a T-shirt from my Primary 6 camp. Designed by fellow classmates/schoolmates but I forgotten who.

 photo file_zps32fe582b.jpg

 photo file_zpsa129441c.jpg

 photo file_zpsc697f999.jpg

Taken at night at home. First time seeing LTE at home! But sad to say it was ''switched off'' midnight onwards, which I don't know why.

 photo file_zps23c19745.jpg

See, the next morning when I wake up, still don't have LTE. BOO. Bullshits.

 photo file_zpse40fda18.jpg

Texas Chicken's fries.

 photo file_zpscc5ac878.jpg

 photo file_zps64c4dd4b.jpg

 photo file_zps77090c35.jpg

 photo file_zps77695daf.jpg

Some good stuff from Chewy Junior.

 photo file_zps17756cef.jpg


 photo file_zpsca9a8bae.jpg

 photo file_zps17ab1114.jpg

Thank you for the wonderful 888 followers.

 photo file_zps8a4945bd.jpg

Fortune feast @ Yoshinoya.

 photo file_zps7fe381fe.jpg

Ang Bao.

 photo file_zps1442c962.jpg

Craving for cookies and so I popped in Bengawan Solo to get a tin of Hazelnut Blackcurrant Cookies.

 photo file_zps813ace56.jpg

 photo file_zps62189168.jpg

Pork floss on bread.

 photo file_zps9c8a9edd.jpg

 photo file_zps5c36b8ad.jpg

 photo file_zps149e8571.jpg

 photo file_zpscd6db637.jpg

 photo file_zpsbbcd3a73.jpg

Godson sleeping. :D

Thank you for reading this random post.

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