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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trick Eye Museum @ Sentosa

Trick Eye Museum Singapore (Map)
Address: 26 Sentosa Gateway Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa Singapore 098138
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 10am to 9pm DAILY
Tel: +65 6795-2370 / 2371

One-day admission tickets to Trick Eye Museum:  S$25 for adults 
                                                                                              S$20 for children/seniors
Multi-attraction packages are also available. Guests can purchase tickets and packages onsite or online at or

Trick Eye Museum Singapore is easily accessible from the Sentosa Boardwalk, located minutes from the entrance to the integrated resort. 

Trick Eye opened in December 2010 featuring 3D art exhibition. The museum is located at the centre of Seoul's nouveau art hub, Hongdae, where various popular cultural events attract a stream of young art lovers. All works in Trick Eye museum create illusions which allow the guests to perceive a three-dimensional object or scene. Featuring a good collection of 2D & 3D art and sculptures, the works are specially designed for photo opportunities. Consequently, these radical forms of art which require the active participation of the viewers became a draw for tourists. Trick Eye has seen grown to be one of the best must-visit attractions for tourists visiting Korea. 

 photo file_zps92e06d10.jpg

The much-anticipated and original three-dimensional art gallery had opened its doors on 8th June 2014, featuring six themed zones, titled World of MasterpiecesSafari KingdomStars of CircusDreams of Fairytale, Love in Winter, and Adventure Discovery. Besides original artworks, the museum will also be home to popular art pieces replicated from the South Korean gallery, including Angel’s WingsMoon over the Sky and Human Cannonball.

As the first overseas venture of the renowned South Korean gallery, the museum features about 100 paintings and optical illusion installations. More than 50 artworks were created specially and adapted for the Singapore gallery. This includes original pieces such as Merlion Boat and Horse Racing. A sculpture of a giant baby that will welcome visitors at the museum will be making its debut as well – the first time this exhibit is being displayed.

To complement the opening of Trick Eye Museum, more Korean-themed F&B and retail concepts will also open at the Resort’s Waterfront, creating a Korean cluster. 

After our adventure in Trick Eye Museum, we saw Insadong Korea Town, such a beautiful place! It features a Korean market-place concept offering a variety of authentic Korean F&B specialties, street food, as well as hand-made Korean trinkets, cosmetics and accessories. 

 photo file_zps14530cd3.jpg

Lets start our adventure now! 

(Picture Credit: Nikki/Jacq)
Nikki said we have to take a picture of this. Mine looks so empty! HAHAH 

 photo file_zps18219078.jpg
Help~~ we had never lose to a baby. Now a giant baby caught us! 

 photo file_zps6ce70f61.jpg
Its mealtime!

 photo file_zpsa20582dc.jpg
Finally I am so much taller than my friends!

 photo file_zps7719e241.jpg
Nikki's face is so freaky here I thought. :P

 photo file_zps06d98c6f.jpg
I love dinosaurs! <3 but still trying to at scare, turned out to be more like sad. :P

 photo file_zps212b7d2e.jpg
Nikki looked like she had gone crazy.

 photo file_zpse3ea3839.jpg
And Jacq looking super happy!

 photo file_zps63b189fc.jpg
Jacq is still very happy, the snake almost caught her. 

I was laughing very hysterically because this was our 2nd try, I was lying on the floor, hugging the plank and it kind of hurting because I ''giap'' too tightly :D 

 photo file_zps3aedfcab.jpg
Our first time on an elephant.

 photo file_zps6e130f14.jpg

I was laughing so much as I took this picture, the spotlight shone on Jacq's hair making her look like a sun. 

 photo file_zps099bfb1b.jpg
A more decent shot after changing position but someone got her backside poked :P

 photo file_zpscd5cd2dd.jpg
Monsterfish having its meal.

 photo file_zps632f3f06.jpg
Nikki's pose is more legit. I looked like I am slipping down the bamboo and still laughing so hard.

 photo file_zps1dfc091a.jpg
I still fail.

 photo file_zps9e377f60.jpg
I think i may break his head. 

 photo file_zps3fcdef39.jpg
I was standing so steadily, K told me to ''try to lose your balance''.

 photo file_zps38854fda.jpg
I tried. HAHHAH

 photo file_zps7daa6bf1.jpg

 photo file_zpsaf002347.jpg

 photo file_zps4be2dea3.jpg
You just have to relax, close your eyes, and you will be floating on that chair!

 photo file_zps559b234f.jpg
Me & my best friend.

 photo file_zps81d72f53.jpg
Nikki's romantic ride on a motorcycle.

 photo file_zpsa8ffeb80.jpg
Love this picture of the exploding volcano behind, and the hot lava looks so legit.

 photo file_zps5cf2133f.jpg
Hi 5-ing and ignoring Jacq.

 photo file_zpsd9cf13fa.jpg
Sun & Moon.

Sun is created by us thanks to an earlier picture with Dolphin, Jacq's hair looks like the sun. So she is pretending to be the sun here. 

 photo file_zpsfb1067f6.jpg
I am moonwalking yay!

 photo file_zpscc80e26b.jpg
The match girl

 photo file_zps6d5b0a79.jpg
Looking all angelic with a heavy bottom hahaah, my thighs look huge here.

 photo file_zpsc62347d0.jpg
Also ride a bicycle. 

 photo file_zps0ad7d085.jpg
On a beautiful swan with our castle in the background, such a beautiful rainbow.

 photo file_zps9c64ada7.jpg
Witch in shorts, it was definitely freezing cold!

 photo file_zps903962ae.jpg
Stop sneaking shots of other people! 

 photo file_zpsf24a25e6.jpg

 photo file_zps7c5fb165.jpg
Jacq & Nikki trying hard to pull themselves up the cliff.

 photo file_zpsaa599a93.jpg

 photo file_zpsc125ed36.jpg

 photo file_zpsb6232950.jpg
K & myself

 photo file_zps1662f458.jpg
(Picture Credit: The Influencer Network)

 photo file_zps931822c9.jpg
(Picture Credit: The Influencer Network)

Set sail on the merlon. Here we go!!

 photo file_zps3c6aa93d.jpg

 photo file_zps59195ad2.jpg
Trying to be a ghost here but its looks like a black lump of thing, not scary enough. :P

 photo file_zpsf3daae32.jpg
So I tried again.

 photo file_zpsb520e9fc.jpg
First time being a ballerina and it feels awesome!

 photo file_zps8dcf742e.jpg
I can finally have 2 husky! On the husky sled <3

 photo file_zpse18f73c6.jpg
(Picture Credit: The Influencer Network)

Lastly, a group photo of all bloggers. 

We had so much fun lying down, hugging wooden planks, sitting, crawling, kneeling and laughing at one another. Its been quite a while since I laugh so madly and loudly. The company makes everything much more fun especially on this let-your-hair-down friday night!

Thank you TIN & Trick Eye Museum for having us. Its been such an honour.


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