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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sanpoutei Ramen @ Holland Village

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Brought to Singapore by Breadtalk Group & Sanpou Co Ltd, the 52-seater SANPOUTEI opens in Holland Village!

Founded in 1967 by Mr Yukihiro Kaneko, Sanpoutei presents authentic Niigata-style ramen; characterised by its unique noodles and selection of soup base. Boasting premium quality ingredients prepared with careful precision, each bowl of ramen aims to woo the palate of discerning ramen lovers with its noodles; prepared fresh in the shop daily, and robust and flavourful broths, such as the brand’s signature dish of Niigata shoyu ramen in a clear fish stock-based broth.

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Sanpou 三宝 means 3 treasures - sea, mountain, field (this explains their logo).

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Founder Mr Yukihiro Kaneko's passion for cooking, constant pursuit of culinary standards and his consummate dedication to serving the best is a legacy he has instilled in his son, Hironobu Kaneko (seen above holding sake), the current CEO of Sanpou Co. Ltd.
Carrying on his father’s devotion, Hironobu Kaneko now spearheads Sanpou Co. Ltd, which is a vibrant and growing business built on strict Japanese ethics of perfection and passion for good food and service to customers. The group’s versatility and expertise is clearly evident in its successful chain of establishments that offer multi-faceted Japanese cuisine including perpetuating the culture of ramen eating. 

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Mr Hironobu is very kind and opened one of his bottle of Sake to let us try!

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Its very light!

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Complement your meal with a thoughtfully-curated selection of Niigata’s finest sake [$10 for a 140ml pour]. Alternatively, they also serve Sapporo Premium Beer and Tiger Beer.

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Specially imported top quality flour from Niigata. Each strand of noodle is crimped instead of straight or wavy and processes a light gold hue. Only 200 portions of ramen noodles are prepared daily!

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My favourite here, has got to be their signature, [Niigata Shoyu Ramen S$14]. Mr Hironobu said that the popular soup base in Singapore is Tonkatsu, however this shoyu base ramen is different from those other shoyu ramen!

The soup base consist of chicken, pork, mushroom and two kinds of premium niboshi (dried sardine)! Yes, you read it right, fish! First in Singapore! Every bowl of ramen is topped with aburi cha Shu (really tender, melts in your mouth!) & bamboo shoots. I don't usually finish the bamboo shoots in my ramen, as they always had a bad taste, but this had no such taste, its surprisingly good!

Now… all the yummy side dishes!

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]Deep fried Spring Chicken with OROSHI YUZU Ponzu Sauce S$7.80] - Refreshing tasty Japanese sauce made of grated radish mixed with YUZU KOSHO flavor sauce.

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In between bowls of ramen, we were served [Moro-Miso Cucumber S$3 - chilled cucumber added with a mild spicy flavour] - refreshing & delightful crunch!

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[Crispy Tempura shrimp salad S$12] presents crispy tempura prawns on a bed of fresh leaves dressed in sweet chilli sauce and wasabi mayonnaise. I love this! The flavour of chill sauce & mayo is just right!

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[Bamboo shoots dressed with spicy miso served with leeks S$3]

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[Edamame S$6]

Go to ramen shop, must also introduce more ramens!

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 [Rich Tori & Spicy Miso Ramen S$17] - chicken soup base peppered with unique blend of chillies, for those who love spicy ramen!

And did I mention, Sanpoutei specially manufactured "keep warm" bowl, it's a customized double-wall bowl which helps retain heat within the bowl and an exterior cool to touch. They are produced in Tsubamesanjyo, Niigata. I touched them and its not hot at all. Sometimes you want to pass your ramen bowls to a friends to try or taste, the bowl is so unbearingly hot.

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 [Rich Tori & Miso Ramen S$16] - 7 kinds of miso are used to create this luxurious soup base (made with chicken stock that has been simmered for 8 hours!) This has got to be my 2nd favourite! It consists of aburi cha Shu, flavoured soft-boil egg, vegetables & minced chicken.

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[W Soup Tonkutsu Ramen S$16] - served in collagen-rich pork bone-based broth that has been simmered for 12 hours, this crowd-pleaser offers unadulterated goodness in a bowl with Sanpoutei’s springy ramen, aburi cha shu, dried seaweed, flavoured soft-boiled egg, black fungus mushrooms and a sprinkling of spring onions. 

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Apart from ramen, Sanpoutei also serve don! YAY TO RICE LOVERS!

The best thing is that they come in mini bowls, good for those eating light or those who want a mix and match meal (ramen + don or don + don). Quite a good idea!

[Minced Chicken Niigata Rice Mini Don S$4]

[Sanpoutei Japanese Style Small Curry Rice S$4]

[Butariki Niigata Rice Mini Don S$4] - rice bowl with pan-fried shoyu flavoured pork, spring onions, raw egg yolk and Sanpoutei’s special sauce atop fragrant Kurotori rice!

Niigata is one of the most famous rice productions region in Japan. The features of Niigata Kurotori rice is firm stickiness and adequate sweetness.

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Ending a meal with desserts seem to be mandatory.

[Yuzu Sherbet, Green Tea Ice Cream, Black Sesame Ice Cream S$8 for a set or S$3 per scoop] - Yuzu is my Favourite out of the 3! Very very refreshing!

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SANPOUTEI offers its original tasty rice to customers in Singapore by importing brown rice from Japan and polishing in Singapore. Koshihikari - Japan no 1 best rice. It growth in ample of sunshine and abundant of snowfall in the winter. This short grain rice has a firmness, aroma & natural sweetness.

This highest qualiry rice now available in Sanpoutei Holland village, with token of appreciation, a 2 kg of this beautifully package for S$20 while stocks last!

Mr Hironobu said that they should be opening a second outlet at Shaw House in Aug-Sep, so meanwhile head to Holland Village to get your ramen fix!

Thank you Sanpoutei Ramen for the invite!

Sanpoutei Ramen 
253 Hollanda Ave #01-01 
Singapore 278982 
Tel: 6463 7277 
Open: 11:30 – 23:00


  1. Only found out about this gem recently. thankfully there's a more central outlet at shaw now.

    1. Hi!! Yes, thankful that there is another outlet! Happy eating!