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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meyve Fruit Shakes @ Citylink Mall

Meyve Fruit Shakes opens at CityLink Mall!

Meyve means fruit in Turkish, and Meyve Shakes' theme is Alice in the Wonderland, this explains the rabbit!

Meyve Shakes offers healthy, yummy & fresh concoction of fruit shakes that i wouldn't mind drinking it daily! No additional sugar added. Love to try every single flavour they have!
 photo file_zps82f25f3f.jpg
So I passed by on their first day of opening, which is on Saturday. I bought a shake & entered a lucky draw. (Pic above credits to Meyve Shakes)

 photo file_zps1f70dda7.jpg

Love the colour ere including my self-painted nails.

Bought [Melon Melody (large) S$5.80] - watermelon, honeydew, pear juice, non fat yogurt, non fat milk. They have non dairy & cold pressed juices too! GSS Sale now 20% off!

 photo file_zps0bee1b73.jpg

 photo file_zps13a6eca7.jpg

 photo file_zps395fc41f.jpg

On Sunday morning (which is the next day), I received a call from Meyve Shakes. OMG they picked my name! I won a Sony Smartband. How cool is that!


 photo file_zps6f9b9358.jpg

Me & Meyve's staff. They look happier than me (no la, actually I don't really know how to smile)

 photo file_zpsb05350b1.jpg

Proud with my new gadget & a fruit shake!

 photo file_zps25db1b26.jpg

I had [Matcha Melon Slimmer (medium) S$4.90] - japanese ocha, honeydew, cucumber, mixed berries juice.

Thank you Meyve Shakes!

Do visit them soon!

Meyve Shakes
CityLink Mall

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