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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wedding dinner at Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre - Siew Lan & Zeng Hao

 photo file_zps33d2372a.jpg

The week before the wedding, went to Watsons to stock up some make up. Decided to throw away my 6-7 year old eyeliner, eyeshadow O.O

Gotten Canmake Cream Cheek, Eye Shadow, Lip Stain, eyeliner! Seldom put blusher but I am willing to give it a try again LOL.

 photo file_zpsc1f07755.jpg

All prepared for the wedding dinner!

 photo file_zpsc1873774.jpg

 photo file_zpsda6e4561.jpg

Happy to give ang bao.

 photo file_zpsd1f2467a.jpg

 photo file_zpse0211b46.jpg

Done with camwhoring! Good to go!

 photo file_zps6d343ecc.jpg

 photo file_zpsdaf09452.jpg

 photo file_zps7fe29de3.jpg

And finally back here AGAIN. The previous time was XiaoHan's wedding lunch. I realised I ''lost'' my December 2012 pictures because my old laptop broke down and I bought a Macbook, and I also changed my iphone, so my pictures are here & there, so for the whole of my EXCITING DECEMBER  2012 is gone, until maybe I try retrieving them.

 photo file_zpsdb54facb.jpg

 photo file_zps7122895c.jpg

Snapped a picture of the menu, in case you need. :P

 photo file_zps6f1f6dda.jpg

Me, when the dinner is going to start. I must admit I hate the lighting here from the start of first dish till fifth dish because my pictures turned out blueish.

 photo file_zps066d17bb.jpg

 photo file_zps3c819c70.jpg

Blue shark's fins.

 photo file_zps2c84e209.jpg

 photo file_zpsbd485f40.jpg

Blue chicken.

 photo file_zpsf64bdc24.jpg

Blue fish.

 photo file_zpsfa3c9798.jpg

Blue spinach.

 photo file_zpsda8631dc.jpg

The groom and bride giving a touching speech.

 photo file_zpsc0867de4.jpg

Normal lighting wasabi prawns.

 photo file_zps09894d09.jpg

 photo file_zps1455fe89.jpg

The dish that I have been waiting for, for many months. But I was quite disappointed because it taste bland.

By dessert time, many tables had left. And my table had almost half of the people who don't take Yam Paste.

 photo file_zps204d6ce8.jpg

So these are wasted.

 photo file_zpsca7a833a.jpg

EVSS girls!

 photo file_zps30cff8f0.jpg

3rd luggage tag from Holiday Inn!

Congratulations to Da Jie & Jie Fu! Seeing you and other friends tie the knot of being together for 8 years, 10 years, 15 years, makes me feel that true love still exists, we just have to wait for the right one to come along.

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