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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Coffee Stars by Dao

Quite some time back already - CNY 2013, if you have to know.

I realised I have not post this. Its a must post because i need to introduce this really nice cake & thai ice tea to you!

 photo file_zps19143d51.jpg

On a weekday afternoon, we went to Orchard. There is the CNY fair at Taka's Atrium, and there is this booth selling cute little Japanese cakes/jellies/candies! Picture will tell you how cute they are but they are not nice at all. If you really have to buy, just buy 1. ONE. Its tasteless, no fragrance, nothing, except sweetness.

 photo file_zpsa4b54b9e.jpg

 photo file_zpsf75f34fc.jpg

 photo file_zps562a3a33.jpg

A not very crowded fair because its on a weekday. :)

Then we headed to

Coffee Stars by Dao 
435 Orchard Road
#01-37-41 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre

 photo file_zpsf983f7ac.jpg

At one look, looking at the cafe layout, and cakes display, I couldn't tell that its a Thai Cafe, until I look at their menu. Thai main courses like Tom Yum Soup, Basil leaves meat etc.

 photo file_zps68d569d9.jpg

Thai Iced Tea S$7

Normally I had thai ice tea at thai cafes which soldThai Ice Teas for at most S$2-3, so I was a little shocked when I see that its S$7. S$7 could get me a decent coffee drink at a cafe.

But when I took a sip, I was blown away, its so nice! Thirst quenching, sweet but just nice, the tea fragrance is really nice!

 photo file_zps575c8561.jpg

White chocolate latte S$6.50 which is good too.

 photo file_zps905a5613.jpg

The cakes on the display doesn't really look appealing to me, but I tried to choose the most appealing-looking cake to me.

So I chose, Green Tea Crepe Cake with Chocolate Sauce S$9.

Its rather expensive for a slice of cake too. The most expensive I had(apart from a mini cake from Laduree, Tokyo S$15) is at Kki, but they are forgiven because their cakes are so soft & fluffy, and moist and made by a Japanese Chef.

So I really want to see how is this worth the $$.

 photo file_zps74b27a18.jpg

 photo file_zpsd5e44d73.jpg

Looks appealing nao! Wow, this crepe cake is heavenly. Its soft, moist because the cake itself is already very soft - green tea mousse like texture with a layer of chocolate in between, layers and layers topped with chocolate syrup. Its not exceptionally sweet, its just nice and totally awesome.

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