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Friday, April 12, 2013

Ajisen and Iphone5!

 photo file_zpsc8d5e520.jpg

 photo file_zps95c8bab2.jpg

A super big zit!

 photo file_zps3c369ad4.jpg

So I squeezed & suqeezed. All the pus & mostly blood. Squeezed myself so that Tina won't have to do this dirty job. :P

 photo file_zps93d7062d.jpg


 photo file_zps3ba3847e.jpg

 photo file_zps5d42bac7.jpg

Delicious lunch.

 photo file_zps5719a65f.jpg

Kani Salad

And this is when I realised LTE  for the first time (months ago though)!

 photo file_zpsc546e8c2.jpg

Starhub's 3G

 photo file_zps6ba71eee.jpg

Singtel's 4G - its superbly FAST! And Starhub's 4G kinda sucks, so if you are really looking at 4G plans, sign with Singtel! They 4G is really fast/ lightning speed and a lot of areas has Singtel 4G compared to Starhub's.

 photo file_zpsb7de8669.jpg

Sweet Treat before i go.

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