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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Me time now

Sitting at a cafe now, with myself, and a cup of Hojicha cream & a heavy heart, penning my thoughts here.

This post might not be my usual ones, because there is no food pictures, no description, no prices. Nothing, except words.

All along I was rather happy until one day I realised I had been very unfairly treated at work that I have to rant here, because I couldn't be possibly telling my friends or family or anyone.

Since the purpose of a blog is a diary, I shall write it here. Hopefully it will not be lengthy. I will follow up with a post with food and happy stuff.

I actually don't know how to start or how do I put it. But I will try.

I shall not go into details on many shit because I will dedicate another post on that (all the fucked up people in the office, when friends become enemies or worse than that, and lastly a failed relationship that shouldn't have started in the first place).

So here is:

My supervisor dislike me (maybe only known to me, and the friends/colleagues around her). And because of this, I suffered at work.

I was been treated unfairly and nobody could help, and even if i feedback to her (yes, i feedback to the one who planned to treat me unfairly, how dumb but never mind, I have learnt), she has all sorts of ways & means to turn this unfair treatment into a situation which seems very fair to me. Well, I don't know how but it really happened.

Basically, I was given a lot of work, difficult tasks and so on. I didn't realised until now day, at about 5pm, I realised a colleague is actually slacking, walking around, going for smoke breaks, then i began to check, began to monitor.

Our work is based on KPI. Numbers are all we talk about whole day.

Colleague A doing a whole day of work, was given 120.
Me doing half a day, was given 70.
When this was highlighted, supervisor said, doing this tasks has no stats/no KPIs. So it means I have to suck thumb. So I SUCK.

At that point I havn't realised how unfair she is to me, until a few weeks ago, i began to realised, whatever nonsensical shits that this other colleague complained to her about, (the complaints are really i-find-no-words-to-describe, colleague complained ''cannot cope'' but by 4.30pm, he finished all his work, and was slacking around) she will try her very best to decrease his work load. WOW, well done. I am loss for words.
This colleague, can come in at 9.30-9.45am, go for breakfast for 30 to 45 mins, and complained that he cannot cope and he get to start slacking at 4.30pm. WOW.... WELL DONE.

And so, I find that my work load is getting heavier, I feedbacked to her last friday.

And you won't want to know what happened, but anyway she still refused my request but still say that the colleague is doing a lot of work (i really cannot see how she see him doing a lot of work when he only work a good 6 hours).

Ok, this is a very summarised version, but I just want to write it down, in case one day, I happened to be not around, and someone discovered this, I can make history. Jus kidding.

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