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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Songkran Menu @ Basil by Thai Express

Address: 1 Stadium Place Kallang Wave Mall #01-16 Singapore 397628
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm Daily

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Last Thursday, Le Khakis, Sissy, K and myself got ourselves saucy and wet at Basil by Thai Express. Find out why!

Thai Express offers 4 new dishes to celebrate Thailand's traditional Songkran Festival.

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Located right inside the iconic Kallang Wave Mall, spotting a cosy, hip and rustic look, Basil by Thai Express is serving good and affordable food in a nice ambience to the younger generation. It is also catering to people of different palates from vegetarians to non-spicy food lovers.

 photo IMG_2994_zpswwvxlam1.jpg

The interior.

 photo IMG_2995_zps5smcvbar.jpg

 photo IMG_2996_zpsvmlrrgv4.jpg

 photo IMG_2997_zpssuvvlk9m.jpg

 photo IMG_2961_zpsxeg4nkwn.jpg

Taken from the outside of Kallang Wave Mall.

 photo IMG_2962_zpsxxw1icsd.jpg

Spot alfresco dining, which will be so romantic at night.

Lets see what food are offered here at Basil by Thai Express. Most of the dishes are presented with a touch of Basil leaves and are prepared fresh daily.

 photo IMG_2977_zpsttgw5lbe.jpg
Thai Fishcake S$7.90

Moist and spicy fish patties which has a slight tom yum taste, served with light cucumber and peanut dipping sauce. We enjoyed this 1st dish.

Spiciness level: 1 chili

 photo IMG_2978_zpsoz5mot62.jpg
Grilled Beef Salad S$10.90

Sliced ribeye steak tossed in chili and lime dressing and sprinkled with roasted rice and fried basil leaves. Each piece of steak is tender and flavourful.

Spiciness level: 1 chili

 photo IMG_2986_zpsknzoatqv.jpg
Nam Prik Mamuang S$8.90

Homemade mango and shrimp paste chili dip (rightmost) served with crispy stick rice (leftmost) and vegetables platter in the middle.

K commented the crispy rice balls look like sotong balls, they are actually rice rolled into balls.

We cut the rice balls into half and took a little of the dip to spread in between the rice. OUCH its spicy mind you! Although its 2 chilis, we can't finish the dip.

Spiciness level: 2 chilis

 photo IMG_2987_zpsic0mpk7q.jpg

 photo IMG_2982_zpsvkwewdui.jpg
Fresh Prawn Omelette S$8.90

Finally a dish without chilis as we were sweating madly, call us lousy.

This fluffy thai omelette is infused with basil aroma.

 photo IMG_2983_zpsjcziotnm.jpg
Phad See Ew Seafood S$10.90

Another non spicy dish is flat rice noodle stir fried in sweet soy sauce, love the wok hei taste in this dish.

 photo IMG_2969_zpsa3ypiwf2.jpg

 photo IMG_2970_zps8nlwagaq.jpg

As I was saying earlier, Thai Express introduces 4 new dishes specially for Songkran, we get to try them all! The Sonogran menu is available from 9th March 2015 to 19th April 2015!

 photo IMG_2979_zpsx8eawlvw.jpg
Som Tum Papaya Salad S$9.90

Love the taste of the salad but it was WAY too spicy! When I first put the salad into my mouth, i get to taste the full flavour of the salad, the sourness, and crunchy of the fresh papaya and vegetables, shortly after the spiciness kicks in! It was a pity as I really love the taste of the salad but I have to leave it untouched.

Those who like spicy food, should really try this.

 photo IMG_2976_zpsvqemy4iy.jpg
Singkran Chicken Wings S$10.90

Fried chicken wings were so flavourful, and fried to a crisp with lots of garlic flakes sprinkled on top. I wish I had more than 1. Will definitely come back for this.

 photo IMG_2981_zpsl15jg4mr.jpg
Pla Muk Khi Khem / Thai-Style Salted Egg Calamari S$10.90

Deep fried calamari drizzled with chef's special thai-styles salted egg sauce.

Still prefer our chinese zhi char salted egg sauce which is more salty and tastier in comparison.

 photo IMG_2985_zpsaraucd93.jpg
Phad Mee Phuket / Stir-fried Phuket Bee Hoon with Tiger Prawns S$16.90

Taste similarly to fried curry bee hoon due to the notes of fresh coconuts in this dish.

After all the spicy food, we of course need some thirst-quenchers, to also bring down the heat on our tongues.

 photo IMG_2974_zpsps9repbu.jpg
Thai Iced Tea S$3.90
Bael Drink S$3.90

Bale is a type of apple, I chose this due to its health benefits like aid digestion, contain anti-inflammatory properties, help weight loss and lower cholesterol.
It wasn't too sweet too.

 photo IMG_2975_zpst8qbue7s.jpg
Pandan Drink S$3.90

Next drink I had was Pandan Drink, Jamie told us that the staff squeezed pandan juice everyday, all of the drinks are house made.

Drinking every sip with appreciation.

 photo IMG_2971_zpsfgju6pqd.jpg

Complete our meal with thai desserts of course!

 photo IMG_2984_zpscj86vpwu.jpg
Mango Sticky Rice S$6.90

The mango is sweet, however the toasted rice was too hard, i can't totally enjoy my favourite thai dessert.

 photo IMG_2988_zpsieiq0thh.jpg
Homemade Lod Chong S$5.90

We mistaken this to Chendol, so long as we see the green jelly on a coconut dessert, we will relate it to dessert :P

This is actually coconut with the green jelly. No other ingredients or gulf melaka like chendol. Those who loves chandelle but find it too sweet, should try this! I fell in love with this good bowl of Lod Chong. However, 1 downside of this dessert is the course ice, would prefer finer ice-kachang-like ice instead of the big chunks of ice.

 photo IMG_2989_zpszynvfuw7.jpg
Red Ruby with Coconut Cream S$5.90

Lastly, red ruby! Love the generous water chestnuts in jelly. The same downside as Lod Chong is the coarse ice they used.

 photo IMG_2973_zpshluulzyu.jpg

Spend a minimum of S$50 (before GST and Service Charge) to get a free mini water gun and a unique code to enter the lucky draw for the grand prize. However, there is already a winner to the grand prize which is flying Business Class on Bangkok Airways to Bangkok and Koh Samui!

But you are still in time to win S$100worth of Thai Express Vouchers. All you have to do is to pose and take pic of with the ''Trick Eye'' Museum-like standees outside every Thai Express Outlets, post your pictures on Instagram and hashtag #ThaiExpressSG and #SongkranThaiExpress.
3 most creative photos will win! Good luck!

Thank you Basil by Thai Express for having us!

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