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Monday, April 27, 2015

Momiji Japanese Buffet @ Novena

Address: 55 Newton Road Revenue House #02-02 Singapore 307987
Tel: +65 62532469
Address: 180 Kitchener Road #05-05/06 Singapore 208539
Tel: +65 65091193
Buffet Lunch (Mon to Fri 12pm to 3pm)
Adult: S$24.80++, Senior Citizens: S$21.80++, Child: S$13.80++
Buffet Brunch (Sat, Sun, Eve of PH, PH 11.30am to 3.30pm) - Free flow King Crab & Sapporo Beer
Adult: S$39.80++, Senior Citizen: S$35.80++, Child: S$18.80++
Buffet Dinner (Mon to Thu 6pm to 10pm) - Free flow King Crab & Sapporo Beer
Adult: S$39.800++, Senior Citizen: S$35.80++, Child S$18.80++
Buffet Dinner (Fri to Sun/Eve of PH/PH 5.30pm to 10pm) - Free flow King Crab & Sapporo Beer
Adult: S$42.80++, Senior Citizen: S$38.80++, Child: S$20.80++

Free Flow King Crab & Sapporo Beer will be available during Brunch and Dinner session only.

 photo IMG_3244_zpsk9lko0d4.jpg

Back by popular demand for the 3rd consecutive year, the King Crab Buffet is back and available during brunch and dinner sessions for a limited time till end of May 2015. I read from Momiji's Facebook page that the King Crabs are running out fast. Do check their Facebook page for the latest update.

 photo IMG_3248_zpsohcp3iru.jpg

However if you did not manage to try the King Crabs, not to worry, there are still free flow unlimited servings of Snow Crabs, Sushi, Sashimi, Shabu-Shabu, Teppanyaki, Fry-to-Order, Yakitori, Tempura, Hot Food, Desserts (including Haagen Dazs Ice Cream), and Beverages to stuff yourself silly.

Thats not all, there is also free flow Sapporo Beer during brunch buffet and daily dinner buffet sessions. Let me take you through what are on their buffet line currently.

 photo IMG_3245_zps69g3rumz.jpg
Snow Crabs

Available throughout, everyday.

 photo IMG_3250_zpsau9fqby3.jpg

 photo IMG_3221_zpsz2johgyt.jpg

 photo IMG_3224_zpseixmtmvh.jpg
Hot Food Counter

 photo IMG_3232_zpsdvwuslls.jpg
Fry-to-Order / Shabu-Shabu / Teppanyaki counter

There are clips on the table, just take the clips and clip on the food item you want to order, and they will serve them to your table!

 photo IMG_3226_zpsl4vnwmwq.jpg

 photo IMG_3216_zpsdnfakytf.jpg

 photo IMG_3227_zpswrfby1nn.jpg

 photo IMG_3228_zpsgkko0mvm.jpg

 photo IMG_3265_zpskb3vkdnu.jpg
Mentai Scallops

So good we had many rounds! 1 clip per scallop, so you will be like us, going again and again.

 photo IMG_3234_zpsxumuirf1.jpg
Sushi Counter

 photo IMG_3242_zpsbae2nryy.jpg
Sashimi Counter

 photo IMG_3235_zpsvvx1jfg5.jpg

 photo IMG_3237_zpsspqvwr4m.jpg

 photo IMG_3262_zpsimld2uj6.jpg
Tempura Counter

This Prawn Paste Chicken is superb, we took them once they were been refilled.

 photo IMG_3263_zpsgw6bsh4z.jpg

 photo IMG_3264_zpsbgdnltvn.jpg

 photo IMG_3272_zps3ov5xz8p.jpg
Steamer Counter

 photo IMG_3273_zpsjcxhelxs.jpg

 photo IMG_3275_zpsdk9hikfi.jpg

 photo IMG_3241_zpsxrxtzchm.jpg
Fruits Counter

 photo IMG_3240_zpsgsht08ej.jpg

 photo IMG_3253_zpslw8bbavs.jpg
Desserts Counter

 photo IMG_3255_zpswk9hyiu0.jpg

 photo IMG_3254_zps5w74dq91.jpg

 photo IMG_3249_zpsinofy3ju.jpg
Chocolate Fondue

 photo IMG_3256_zpsqeh86sk1.jpg
Waffles Station!

My much awaited-for dessert!

 photo IMG_3259_zpsytgvwwra.jpg
Free Flow Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

6 flavours to choose from: Strawberry, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Macadamia, Green Tea and Vanilla.

 photo IMG_3284_zpsck9nqwic.jpg

My creation!

 photo IMG_3289_zpsemcddiq8.jpg

Jacq and Nikki's! Damn nice!

Thank you Momiji Japanese Buffet for having us again!

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