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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

High Tea Sets and Desserts @ Miam Miam

Address: 200 Victoria Street #02-14 Bugis Junction Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 68370301
Address: 3 Gateway Dr #01-21/22 Westgate Singapore 608532
Tel: +65 63699008
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm Monday to Sunday

High Tea Set available from Monday to Friday 2.30pm to 5.30pm.
(Read on to find out how you can get 30% off the below high tea set)

 photo IMG_3572_zpsspmqulaq.jpg
High Tea Platter for 2 S$26.90

Comes with 3 premium savoury, 7 sweet treats and 2 drinks.

Miam Miam has launched a brand new high tea set and desserts yesterday, 20th April 2015!

 photo IMG_3568_zpsuqd4u2s6.jpg

After months of research and development efforts, preparation and refinement, Miam Miam finally launched it High Tea Set menu!

 photo IMG_3569_zpsbr8foml4.jpg

Love all the 3 premium savoury items.

 photo IMG_3570_zpsexiiiapr.jpg

 photo IMG_3571_zpsk32q4ula.jpg

Although I am a sweets person, I find that there are too much sweets in the platter, more savoury items will be good. None of the desserts leaves an impression.

 photo IMG_3565_zpsgh9hgsfa.jpg
Iced Cafe Au Lait U.P S$6.20

 photo IMG_3564_zpshcr8903i.jpg
Hot Matcha U.P. S$6.20

Drinks to choose from for the High Tea Platter:
  1. Hot Coffee
  2. Hot Cafe Au Lait
  3. Iced Cafe Au Lait
  4. Darjeeling Tea
  5. Earl Grey Tea
  6. Chamomile Tea
  7. Hot Matcha
  8. Iced Matcha

Mother's Day High Tea Promotion (available 8th May 2015 to 10th May 2015 2.30pm to 5.30pm):
  1. Bring your mum to Miam Miam
  2. Take a wefie with you mum
  3. Post the pic on Miam Miam's Facebook and enjoy 30% off High Tea Platter for 2. 

 photo IMG_3577_zpscbktzkzk.jpg
Houjicha Pancake S$13.80

As usual, thick pancake. Thick pancake infused with aromatic green tea flavour, topped with mocha balls, azuki and houjicha whip. Pancake is too dry although it comes with drizzling sauce.

 photo IMG_3581_zpszskekveb.jpg
Yuzu Pancake S$12.80

Original thick pancake topped with crispy sesame crumbs, yuzu jelly and vanilla softee, zesty light citron sauce served by the side.

If you had forgotten to dip the pancake into the citron sauce initially, like us, you will be question yourself ''is this even yuzu?''.

Pancake was also dry, however after digging further in to the centre of the pancake, it gets more moist and fluffy.

 photo IMG_3573_zpser3dfxly.jpg
Panna Cotta S$7.90

Smooth, and hard wanna cotta topped with fresh mix berries. Panna Cotta was way too hard to our liking.

 photo IMG_3583_zpsyvc39sdc.jpg
Yuzu Jello Soda S$7.80

 photo IMG_3585_zpsskr90bhz.jpg
Miam Miam Spaghetti S$16.80

The high tea set wasn't that filling, good for afternoon light bites, however we were there during breakfast hour, so we ordered an additional pasta to share.

Still my favourite, sautéed with frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach and protein bacon, tossed with french butter, secret broth and shoyu.

Thank you Miam Miam for having us!

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