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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Crab Buffet @ Sakura International Buffet


1. Admiralty Park - 31 Riverside Road Singapore 739087
2. Clementi Woods Park - 93A Clementi Road Singapore 129781
3. Dhoby Ghaut Green - 10 Penang Road #01-02 Singapore 238469
4. Downtown East - 1 Pasir Ris Close #02-02 Singapore 519599
5. SAFRA Jurong Club - 333 Boon Lay Way #2B-1 Singapore 649848
6. SAFRA Tampines - 1A Tampines St. 92 #01-00 Singapore 528882


Buffet Lunch (Mon to Fri 12pm to 3pm)
Adult: S$23++, Senior Citizens: S$20.90++, Child: S$13.90++

Buffet Brunch (Sat, Sun, Eve of PH, PH 11/30am to 3.30pm)
Adult: S$31.90++, Senior Citizen: S$27.90++, Child: S$14.90++

Buffet Dinner (Mon to Thu 6pm to 10pm)
Adult: S$31.90++, Senior Citizen: S$27.90++, Child S$14.90++

Buffet Dinner (Fri to Sun 6pm to 10pm)
Adult: 33.90++, Senior Citizen: S$29.90++, Child: S$15.90++

 photo file_zpsuzvjctro.jpg

One of the weekday nights saw me and Le Khakis at Sakura International Buffet. What brought us here is that Sakura brings back its crab feast for a limited time! Those who love crabs sure have to come and whack!

 photo file_zpsmy1u4ro9.jpg

 photo file_zpse0rrwdx2.jpg

All you have to do is, take these clips and order those food items on the grill and they will send the food to you!

 photo file_zpsu6muun6w.jpg

Cutleries are readily available on each and every table.

 photo file_zpsdpqi6x7f.jpg

As you can tell the lighting is very orangey, my pictures will turn out bad. :(

 photo file_zpstne1ww4u.jpg

Sakura brought back its highly anticipated Charcoal-grilled King Crab and Snow Crab Legs, at only S$33.90++ per pax on weekends dinner, it's quite a catch. This is the section you should go for!

 photo file_zpsuzvjctro.jpg

Some of the crabs we had are way too saltish and the meat is a little tough.

 photo file_zpsyciaf094.jpg

Of course apart from crabs, there are many more items available like Argentinian red shrimp, bulgogi, salmon fillet, lamp chop, Dory, Shishamo.

 photo file_zpsvzt959bv.jpg

 photo file_zpslf5uylfi.jpg

 photo file_zpstvme3f6z.jpg

Our grills!

 photo file_zpsdk74g0yg.jpg

We also had beef bulgogi which comes with kimchi by the side, a pity the beef is a tad hard.

Apart from the grills, there are more food on the buffet line! However Le Khakis mentioned that the one at YCK provides even a wider range of food compared to this, but no crab feast there ok?

Apart from the tepanyaki / grill section, lets take a look at the rest!

 photo file_zpszkhw8wdn.jpg

Cold salad bar

 photo file_zpsteggmusi.jpg

Sashimi, sushi, Cha Soba corner

 photo file_zps6a5bdqwm.jpg

 photo file_zps5ao97a6q.jpg

 photo file_zpsi0tyyee3.jpg

 photo file_zpsuxqfqqak.jpg

 photo file_zpstnqcslnf.jpg

From cod to hot food, we have dim sums here as well!

 photo file_zpssxjv4840.jpg

 photo file_zpsqh8vo8h8.jpg

 photo file_zpsdkyylr64.jpg

Food gets snapped up more quickly than the chefs can replenish, so I only managed to capture the last 2 pieces of chicken.

 photo file_zpsbgdxeai8.jpg

 photo file_zps1dczgrhc.jpg

 photo file_zpsu4i2k6t3.jpg

 photo file_zps3qdgdkea.jpg

 photo file_zpsug7sirak.jpg

This deep fried tofu in thai chill sauce is one of the better savoury item we had that day.

 photo file_zpst7vflry3.jpg

 photo file_zpsv4cgoly7.jpg

 photo file_zpsl5uasoab.jpg

 photo file_zpszoatvgmw.jpg

 photo file_zps0mumgkzn.jpg

 photo file_zpsfkju9jjv.jpg

 photo file_zpspfwcu3pv.jpg

 photo file_zpsxr4cxxnk.jpg

 photo file_zpsl97st5gh.jpg

There is also porridge which Jon had 2 bowls of it.

 photo file_zpsxvfqjeua.jpg

And DIY Kueh-pie-tee.

 photo file_zpsospy8ii6.jpg

DIY Laksa station got me & Jacq excited!

 photo file_zpsemhvn8pv.jpg

Here is Jacq happily cooking laksa for us while I was busy snapping away.

 photo file_zpseo6onh6b.jpg

 photo file_zpsuwqar47k.jpg

I decided to take a peek on what was boiling in the water. Lots of quails eggs! LOL!

 photo file_zpsvd26kbcg.jpg

Here is a pipping hot bowl of laksa! What I like most is we can top as much ingredients we want to!

 photo file_zpsihphd3e6.jpg

 photo file_zpsu3za10zy.jpg

What usually interest me most during buffet is the desserts line!! What you see here are the chilled desserts, from jellies, to cakes, to durian puffs, to pudding, to cupcakes, to mango sago.

 photo file_zpskltxh9l1.jpg

How often do you see rainbow cake on a buffet line?

 photo file_zpswqxovhoc.jpg

20 minutues later, half the cake is gone!

 photo file_zps2woxwstu.jpg

 photo file_zpsiko8fwwo.jpg

 photo file_zpsnbg5t2fm.jpg

 photo file_zpsxuedmp5x.jpg

Those who loves the jelly at Chabuton, you can get them free flow HERE!

 photo file_zps20gtpqo3.jpg

Durian puff was a little hard & dry, wasn't to my liking.

 photo file_zpsoud9ucew.jpg

 photo file_zps73ta8vg3.jpg

However the Durian Pengat here is pretty good! Nikki and I share 2 bowls of them.

 photo file_zpss1fruxdt.jpg

I love waffles stations in a buffet! Usually hotels buffet, they will stationed a staff to help you make. Here, we get to do it ourselves, I like!

Timer is also preset to 1 min 30 seconds, just nice for the waffles to be ready.

 photo file_zps2s1nzpyf.jpg

 photo file_zpsfnzynvd0.jpg

Jacq doing us the favour again.

 photo file_zpsorhrbnui.jpg

 photo file_zpstjare5vn.jpg

With our freshly made waffle, we headed for the ice cream station!

 photo file_zpspzmozn06.jpg

 photo file_zpshfmxgdbe.jpg

 photo file_zpsikfxbnqh.jpg

Tadah! Our waffle topped with 3 ice creams!

Buffet is made more enjoyable when you bring lovable friends along!

Thank you Sakura International Buffet for having me!


  1. You have a good range of pics but was the food good? Particularly the jap food since the name of restaurant is Sakura? 😂😂 Thanks!

    1. Thank you Laurence. Yes the name of the restaurant is called Sakura International Buffet Restaurant. The food is not bad, not fantastic but the fresh oysters made it worthwhile. It has a mixture of jap, chinese, italian food, thats why its a international buffet :X