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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Momiji Shabu Shabu @ Shaw Plaza Balestier

Momiji Shabu Shabu 
Address: 360 Balestier Road Shaw Plaza #04-01 Singapore 329783
Tel: +65 62583398
Opening hours: Lunch  11.30m to 2.30pm Daily
                           Brunch 11.30am to 4pm PH & Sunday
                           Dinner  5pm to 9.30pm Monday to Friday
                                         5pm to 10pm Friday to Sunday, eve of PH & PH
Momiji's Facebook

 photo file_zps5a344ae2.jpg

In addition to Suki Group's existing 8 different concepts Japanese Restaurant, Momiji Shabu Shabu opened its doors on 30th July 2014!

 photo file_zps9df7cab4.jpg

Momiji Shabu Shabu presents Singapore's 1st and only collagen hotpot buffet, how cool is that! As we know, collagen don't come cheap, to have them in buffet style is even more unbelievable. Wait, thats not all… … …

 photo file_zpsb4fb3548.jpg

Look at the prices! The are wallet-friendly too! It ranges from S$19.90++ to S$28.90++.

The first question I asked was, ''is the collagen soup (refill) free flow?'' ABSOLUTELY FREE! You may go all out, and enjoy the soup without worrying that you have to save your soup for some more ingredients or worry that you might drink up all the soup in the pot and need to top up additional $$ for the soup.

My friend & I once had this worry when we were to some hotpot restaurant (not buffet style), trying to scrimp and save on the soup because refills come at a price. Heehee…

Now we found the perfect place for us!

The Place/Ambience

 photo file_zpsfecb63d2.jpg

 photo file_zps60926273.jpg

Clean & spacious restaurant, and the place is huge!

On our table

 photo file_zps4fffa7f0.jpg

A table of 6 of us, had 2 pots of collagen soup, nom nom, the collagen is calling out to me as we waited for our fun-loving dining companions.

 photo file_zpsefe8c5c1.jpg

The divine soup base is made of collagen pudding, which is the culmination of 6 hours of simmering kampong chicken. Such long hours of simmering ensures that the chicken bones are fully dissolved - every bit of goodness goes into the broth.

Fresh vegetables are also added to lend even more nutrition and flavours. The broth is then cooled, solidifying into a silky smooth pudding that brims with collagen.

FYI, if you are curious of how it taste like, it is actually light and not salty at all. Not to worry, please read on. :D

 photo file_zpsfdc424de.jpg

There were 3 condiments on the table (sorry, I forgotten to snap a picture for you), they are the Himalayan Pink Salt, Collagen Shoyu and Hot Kimchi Paste.

Himalayan Pink Salt (above) is a natural and pure mineral substance gathered from the Himalayas. For thousands of years, the salt has been used as a natural medicine. Dining at Momiji Shabu Shabu is a hands-on experience: patrons will get to grind the salt themselves to adjust the soup to their own liking. (usually is about 3 dashes of the salt)

The Collagen Shoyu looks like any other type of Shoyu however it is sweeter. Add this into your own individual bowl of soup to enhance the taste.

Same goes for the Hot Kimchi Paste, if you are one who loves spicy soup, add this into your bowl of soup!

Now you can have 3 types of soup in one meal.

 photo file_zps8cc0ab4e.jpg

I was trying to take a picture of my table but suddenly it gets crowded. Even other customers were curious what exactly is happening.

 photo file_zps46e2ff4a.jpg

Errrr, actually nothing much. Just a table of food. Only instagrammers will know. Or maybe bloggers.

So this is our table of food that fed the 6 of us. Before you ask questions like ''take so much, can finish or not????'', fear not, we finished everything and went for 2 more rounds ok?

 photo file_zps7c23d458.jpg

Good food shared among awesome dining companions is the most enjoyable thing to do in the world.

Grab some close pals, go and enjoy!

A tour around the buffet line

 photo file_zps2b842d3f.jpg

The free flow collagen soup comes in liquid instead of jelly, because as the soup in our pot had turned into liquid, we can only add liquid in. These are available on the buffet table, however the friendly staff will still be going round to help you with the refills. *Good service*!

 photo file_zps95871442.jpg

Noodles, Somen, Udon, Dried Noodles, Yee Mian.

 photo file_zpsb76eddaa.jpg

Kurobuta Pork (Pork Belly, Pork Collar)

 photo file_zpsc323147b.jpg

 photo file_zps18213c55.jpg


 photo file_zpsefbaac17.jpg

Red Prawns

Note that every name tags of the items states the cooking time. Follow it according to get perfectly cooked food!

 photo file_zpse07bc9ba.jpg


 photo file_zps68395833.jpg

 photo file_zps807a365d.jpg


 photo file_zpsfc442bba.jpg

White Prawns

 photo file_zpsd20074e0.jpg

Sliced Fish looking so fresh!

 photo file_zps59b72cbc.jpg

Baby Octopus is a tad too hard for me as I overcooked it :(

 photo file_zps4871e30f.jpg

There are also the usual steamboat spread of items like Fish Balls, Meat Balls, Mushroom Balls, Crab Sticks, Lotus Roots, Fried Beancurd Skin, Tofu, Quail's Eggs etc.

 photo file_zpse9146b9f.jpg


 photo file_zpsda9ca83c.jpg

Onsen eggs!

 photo file_zps0f9f824d.jpg

You have delicious ingredients, of course there are sauces to complement those ingredients!

Create your unique sauce with a total of 12 different dipping sauce choices! (Above all the 12 bowls)

 photo file_zpsc5aba5ba.jpg

Make your own sauce, if not follow the steps to create the signature dipping sauce or spicy shoyu sauce! Very helpful!

 photo file_zps448c5e6c.jpg

Here comes my favourite! These are pastes in bamboo shoots. I feel like grabbing them all.

 photo file_zps495a69b2.jpg

Kimchi Seafood Paste

 photo file_zpsec035296.jpg

Minced Pork Paste

 photo file_zpsea551e59.jpg

Cuttlefish Paste

 photo file_zpsb69431bd.jpg

Fish & Pork Paste

 photo file_zps5fcd0b9f.jpg

Mini red spoons are provided to scrap off the minced paste from the bamboo shoot. DO NOT place the whole bamboo shoot into the soup!

 photo file_zps75ff1c1a.jpg

We spotted a pot of collagen. Sorry, not for us.

 photo file_zps3623801e.jpg

Seafood Chawanmushi

 photo file_zpsc0ad4239.jpg

Apart from raw food, there is a whole stretch of cooked food that you can munch on while waiting for your soup to boil or your food to be cooked.

There are Ebi Fry, Shrimp Paste Chicken (this is so good, we have to take a second round), Scallop Fried Rice etc.

 photo file_zpsd514803c.jpg

 photo file_zps704759a8.jpg

Not forgetting the greens & veggies.

 photo file_zps131fdd52.jpg

Fruits & Desserts

 photo file_zps90194d9d.jpg

 photo file_zps8fc089d7.jpg

 photo file_zps083bb971.jpg

 photo file_zpsc57344cb.jpg

 photo file_zpsa800ea73.jpg

Lots of Sushis!


 photo file_zpsb01332cc.jpg

Iced Matcha Tea (sweet) & Iced Lemon Ocha Tea.

 photo file_zps65e8901b.jpg

Soft Drinks & Iced Water

 photo file_zps2e76401a.jpg

Hot beverages such as Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Milo & Teh Tarik are available.

 photo file_zps4215f907.jpg

 photo file_zps10ddc842.jpg

Cold desserts include, Brownies, Cheesecakes, Eclairs, Mochis, Cream Puff and 6 flavours of Ice Cream.

Special jeng jeng jeng!

For every 2 pax dining in, customers will get a complimentary premium item such as Snow Crab or Wagyu Beef.
 photo file_zps70db9431.jpg

Snow Crab

 photo file_zps78e99a12.jpg

 photo file_zps40e930c0.jpg

Wagyu Beef

I peronally is not a crab person, so I will go for Wagyu Beef anytime and we all love it! Its soft and tender, melts in your mouth.

Ways to indulge Momiji Shabu Shabu
 photo file_zps6621e67b.jpg

Wait no more, make your way there now!

PSST: One of my dining companion that night, woke up with a smoother face! I should have drank more of the soup, definitely going back again for more collagen goodness.

Thank you Momiji for having us!

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