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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lucky Lucky Vitty!

Introduce you my new toy/partner!
Such a cutie! I saw a whole tray of Birthdate Kitties (S$9.90 each) at Prologue (Orchard Central), and they only have 1 kitty per birthdate. Those available birthdate kitties at that point of time (December) was only November & December. So I tiptoed and tried to search for my birthdate, I searched for many times but I couldn't find it, but I really want to get that kitty very much (and I cursed the fellow who bought my birthdate kitty!), so I decided to buy the ''I love you'' kitty instead of the birthdate which they don't have and the ''miss you'' kitty is not very nice. Grabbed a few cheap stickers and went off to the cashier. Prologue was having a 20% discount storewide, after making payment and left, I checked the receipt and found that they did not charge me for the Kitty. I was too far to go back so I take it that its my birthday gift from Prologue because they don't have my birthdate kitty. :p
So, I named it ''Vitty'' because i couldn't think of any other nicer name, and ''Lucky Kitty'' sounds bad.
Christmas postcards that I wrote wishes on!

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