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Friday, April 6, 2012

Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition

An additional post tonight before I leave for a short trip! :D

Chwee Kueh for breakfast! 

Meeting E for the Titanic Exhibition!

$20 per person for Singaporeans/payment using OCBC credit card :D
Usual Price $24!
The exhibition is from 29th Oct 2011 - 29th April 2012! So there is still time! Opens daily from 10am-10pm, last admission is at 9pm.
The entrance! 
Strictly no photography & filming but I secretly took a few pictures :P
Because it is very awesome, totally worth the $20-24!

Experience the voyage of a lifetime, discover the various sections of one of the largest and the most luxurious ocean liners ever built! This exhibition will bring us to the First class & Third class cabins, the Grand Staircase , Verandah Cafem Promenade Deck and Boiler room.And not forgetting those actual pieces of stuff found under the sea when they discovered Titanic at the bottom of the seabed for many many years. The stuffs I was talking about are almost every thing ranging from utensils, shirt, glasses, basin, pipes, perfume vial(still has got smell!), jewellery, postcards, letters to notes & coins. 
Our boarding pass!
E's boarding pass! 1st Class! 
Mine! 2nd Class, travelling alone & a sad life :( 
The first class cabin corridor.
The first class cabin cost $2500 (I think it might be in US dollars?) last time, which is equivalent to $57,200 today! OMG!! 

First Class Cabin Menu. WOWWW!
Part of the grand staircase.
Poker Cards!
3rd Class Cabin!
Cold cold iceberg! Hands are frozen and numb. :x

Towards the end of the exhibition, there is a Memorial Gallery, where you can look for the names on your boarding pass and see if this person survived or died. Both of ours survived. 

Its really sad. Some chose to stay behind because of their loved ones. Some escaped from this due to some reasons. Some boarded this ship with a heavy heart. FATE.
Korean food for dinner!
My favourite ah pek's ice cream! :D
Its a long post! Goodbye love!! 
Will blog once I get back! 

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