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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Toast Box 100th Outlet @ Shaw House Orchard

Address: 350 Orchard Road #B1-03 Shaw House Singapore 238868
Tel: +65 62355354
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 10pm daily

SINCE 2005
Synonymous with Nanyang Kopi and toast, iconic homegrown brand Toast Box is proud to announce the opening of its 100th store worldwide; a milestone for this inspirational brand. Committed to promoting the legacy of traditional Nanyang Kopi culture since 2005, Toast Box has established its foothold in Singapore and also steadily extended its footprint beyond local shores to countries such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.

Toast Box is also unveiling a traditional Nanyang Kopi roasting lab located at BreadTalk’s IHQ building, where specially-selected raw coffee beans are roasted according to the brand’s strict requirements and supplied to stores to ensure that the essence and quality of Toast Box’s Nanyang Kopi carries through consistently from cup to cup. The lab also serves as a research and development facility to explore new ways to improve the aroma and flavor of Nanyang Kopi. From 1 to 7 Dec, customers can visit Toast Box Singapore’s Facebook page to stand a chance to be one of five pairs of lucky fans who will be picked to enjoy an exclusive 1.5-hour coffee appreciation workshop at the new roasting lab.

 photo file_zps351cb243.jpg

I am so glad to be here for their 100th outlet tea party, now knowing more about Toast Box, I feel more appreciative towards their aromatic cups of coffee and the efforts of staff & management from Toast Box. Can't wait for the Toast Box at Eastpoint to open! 

 photo file_zps7848e9ad.jpg

 photo file_zps95659be9.jpg

Strategically located along one of the bustling underground links in the Orchard Road area, Toast Box’s 100th outlet at Shaw House evokes a sense of familiarity and warmth with its welcoming space styled after the late 70s period. Paying homage to old traditional bakeries, Toast Box at Shaw House features a specialty counter that showcases a selection of freshly-baked old school buns, as well as modern renditions of perennial all-time favourites.

The only Toast Box with a specialty kitchen! So you get to enjoy fresh bakes here!

 photo file_zps1d39f356.jpg

 photo file_zpsf9753221.jpg

 photo file_zps873de5a2.jpg

 photo file_zpsc308cc00.jpg

 photo file_zps067d8f00.jpg

 photo file_zpsaf26ee51.jpg

 photo file_zps909bf2f4.jpg

 photo file_zps2639c1c6.jpg

Toast Box has some PROGRAMMES lined up for us!
 photo file_zpsdaa1f3fe.jpg
First up is an awesome sand art!

Can you tell that this is eggs, salt & pepper?

 photo file_zpsdee0f2a7.jpg
Toasting to many good years ahead!

 photo file_zpsd1cb13d8.jpg

 photo file_zps9378b0c1.jpg

 photo file_zpsae8059ff.jpg

 photo file_zpscd1c321b.jpg

 photo file_zps30cd8765.jpg
Then was 5 pairs of of ''Kopi Tao Qiu'' performing making of Yuan Yang!

Wach the video here!

 photo file_zps778921a7.jpg

 photo file_zpse0511213.jpg

An ode to the simple but truly comforting flavours from memories of a bygone era, Toast Box’s stellar line-up of over 30 bakery products promises something for each and everyone. 

 photo file_zps42e25e07.jpg

Re-invented with tempting new fillings, a layer of luscious sweet custard impeccably-paired with savoury salted egg.

I kind of think that egg tart and savoury salted egg taste perfect together! I love the tart crust which is buttery, reminds me of CNY goodies. Now I know where to go whenever I have egg tarts cravings!

 photo file_zpsbb12bb75.jpg

 photo file_zps221bff76.jpg

 photo file_zps7782ebb7.jpg
MOCHI EGG TART 麻糬蛋挞 S$1.60

Chewy Taiwan-imported mochi goes well with the sweet custard too. I personally thinks that the kochi taste like gull melaka but not overly sweet. 

Sissy Jennifer prefers this! 

 photo file_zpsaed51bdc.jpg

 photo file_zpse2cb8227.jpg

 photo file_zps517387dd.jpg

Inspired by popular local desserts, Sunflower Pulut Hitam is a wholesome pick topped with six seeds and grains; white and black sesame, oats, pumpkin seed, flax seed and sunflower seed, and generously filled with black glutinous rice and Japanese sweet potato. 

 photo AssortedBoLuo_zps1ec6827e.jpg
(Picture Credit: Toast Box)
CHAR SIEW BO LUO 叉烧菠萝 S$1.60, KOPI BO LUO 咖啡菠萝 S$1.20, BO LUO 菠萝 S$1.20 

Well-loved for its characteristic meringue-like crust, the humble Bo Luo bun is now available in three versions; plain, with honey-glazed roasted pork filling and infused with rich traditional Kopi flavor.

 photo file_zpsc937f30a.jpg
CHAR SIEW BO LUO 叉烧菠萝 S$1.60 

 photo KayaBun_zps5fb47f64.jpg
(Picture Credit: Toast Box)
KAYA BUN 咖椰包, $3.60 for six 

Filled with Toast Box’s signature Hainanese kaya, or coconut spread, these pillow- soft pull-apart bites are updated with a flaky and buttery Danish bread topping.

 photo file_zpsbd903005.jpg

Toast Box's kaya should not be an alien to you, it taste so good with any kind of bread but i would prefer more kaya though :P

 photo SausageLoaf_zpsd3f32b61.jpg
(Picture Credit: Toast Box)
Sausage Bun 香肠包, $4.90 for six 

A favourite childhood treat for many, these packs of six mini sweet oatmeal buns encasing chicken cocktail sausages are excellent as a snack.

 photo 2-in-1Kopi-OandKopiCard_zps62520d51.jpg
(Picture Credit: Toast Box)

Toast Box has launched a KOPI CARD today!!! 

Great for personal enjoyment or presented as a gift, the new Toast Box Kopi Card is a smart card that allows customers to redeem their kopi or teh with just a tap of the card. 

You can purchase the card at $18.80 (inclusive of card fee) to enjoy 12 cups at the price of $1.40 per cup (total savings of more than S$4.80)

Subsequent top-ups for the Kopi Card are at $16.80. 

TODAY, Toast Box is giving away 100 pieces of the new Kopi Card (worth $18.80 each) to the first 100 customers who spend a minimum of $10 at Toast Box Shaw House. Hurry, go for your coffee break in the midst of your Christmas Shopping!

We can savour the familiar taste of NANYANG KOPI S$7.80 (20 sachet) at our convenience; in the comfort of our office or home. It promises the perfect balance of Toast Box’s unique coffee blend and sugar with a specially- formulated ratio. 

From today to 31st December 2014, you can purchase the 2-in-1 Kopi-O and Kopi Card at only S$22.60 (U.P. S$26.60). 

 photo file_zps84eee005.jpg

Spot the ''100 card'', that is Toast Box's limited edition 100th store Kopi Card which will be launched in December 2014. 

With this card, customers can enjoy a 10% discount on subsequent top-ups till 31 March 2015.

 photo file_zps6c786458.jpg

I sure know how to enjoy my Kopi-O with biscuits from Japan & Taiwan. Perfect afternoon tea break!

 photo file_zps04c73fe3.jpg
A picture with Sissy Jennifer and Lirong!

Thank you Toast Box!

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