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Friday, September 25, 2015

SG50 new Dim Sum @ Crystal Jade Palace

Address: 391 Orchard Road #04-19 Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872
Tel: +65 67352388

Crystal Jade Group of Restaurants joins in the celebration of the nation's 50th birthday with the launch of limited edition dim sums and promotions! These are available until 30th September 2015!

 photo IMG_3401_zpsexzlc3mg.jpg

It has been almost 2 months since I last had these cute little dim sums from Crystal Jade! I have posted lots of them on my Instagram, I thought I should do justice to them by blogging (although very late and the promotion is coming to an end).

Not from Crystal Jade Palace, you can find these at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao & Crystal Jade Jiang Nan:
 photo IMG_3402_zpsek9rfdaa.jpg
Chili Crab Xiao Long Bao & Hainanese Chicken Xiao Long Bao S$7.80/2 pieces each

Although the skin tears easily and the juices from the XLB got wasted, they are still yummy!

The chili crab XLB has chunks of crab in spicy chili-infused broth.
Pair the Hainanese chicken XLB with the given ginger paste. 很好吃!

 photo IMG_3391_zpssx8j5xzk.jpg

Was so happy to be here, its my first time and the place looking so atas, I was brought to a private room where I dine with my beloved friends. Perfect weekend dim sum situation.

 photo IMG_3392_zpsctdxzzw0.jpg
Double-boiled Whole Yellow Melon Soup with Assorted Seafood (Not part of the SG50 limited edition dim sum)

 photo IMG_3395_zpsefxfbgzu.jpg

Started our meal with a hot soup to warm our tummies! This soup is available on their aka-carte menu daily. Look at how much ingredients there are! And the chefs are so innovative to put the soup in the winter melon, and you don't underestimate this winter melon, it does keep the soup warm for a long time.

 photo IMG_3400_zpstyw0vw1w.jpg
Chirpy Chick Pastry S$5.50/3 pieces (Valid until 30th September 2015)

These Chinese pastry crust-little chicks are filled with lotus paste fillings. Don't know to start devouring from the head or bottom.

 photo IMG_3397_zps7pnylnbn.jpg
Goldfish Crystal Dumplings S$5.50/3 pieces (Valid until 30th September 2015)

 photo IMG_3398_zpsley1outj.jpg

These are mini crystal dumplings with a rich salted egg yolk custard.

 photo IMG_3417_zps3ifh9am5.jpg
Full Bloom Lotus Paste & Yam Pastry (Valid until 30th September 2015)

Love the flaky pastry crust that complements the smooth lotus paste and yam filling. Such a pretty flower.

 photo IMG_3410_zpsd3d8qwcg.jpg
Fried Chili Crab Meat Bun S$5.50/3pieces (Valid until 30th September 2015)

 photo IMG_3411_zpsdathsbvq.jpg

Deep fried mantou and chili crab are a perfect match, always!

 photo IMG_3413_zpschpinqxy.jpg
Steamed Siew Mai with Quail Egg S$5.50/3 pieces (Valid until 30th September 2015)

 photo IMG_3414_zpshdfvn3ea.jpg

Doesn't look like our usual siew mai, bite into a succulent mix of minced pork, black fungus, sweet diced chestnut, and it reveals a whole quail egg, then laced with a luscious egg white sauce all over the siew mai.

 photo IMG_3408_zpsbqj86n7e.jpg
Steamed Siew Mai with Caviar S$9.50/3pieces (Valid until 30th September 2015)

Each Siew Mai consists of generous chunks of prawn and crowned with a small mound of caviar which adds a savoury umami dimension.

 photo IMG_3422_zpsfzq8vbfh.jpg
Deep Fried Hokkaido Milk Custard S$8/5 pieces (Valid until 30th September 2015)

 photo IMG_3423_zpsflji3hbb.jpg

Deep fried thin crusted little pillows of a soft & creamy Hokkaido milk centre that reminds me of the Australian dairy milk custard.

 photo IMG_3419_zpsns7ikqoq.jpg
Poached Spinach (Not part of the SG50 limited edition dim sum)

 photo IMG_3421_zpsnezei2xf.jpg
Stewed Meepok with XO Sauce (Not part of the SG50 limited edition dim sum)

Coming to the end of the meal after lots of dim sum, I couldn't finish the noodles. Its thin mee pok fried with minced pork and brinjal.

 photo IMG_3425_zpsakij993w.jpg
Chilled Mango Pudding (Not part of the SG50 limited edition dim sum)

 photo IMG_3424_zpszaumpyry.jpg
Chilled Red Wine Jelly & Mixed Fruits (Not part of the SG50 limited edition dim sum)

A very special dessert using red wine! But its mango for me anytime!

Although I was feeling very down at that point of time, none of the food here disappoints, everything is so delicious, especially the SG50 dim sums, I am not kidding.

Thank you Crystal Jade for having me!

 photo IMG_3221_zpsufngaty8.jpg

CY & Florence accompanied me for some shopping and chit chatting, thank you both :') I am really touched by your care and concern.

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