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Monday, September 21, 2015

Cakes delivery @

Tel: +65 62847620

Delivery free for orders above S$50 is in the midst getting its halal certification.

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Having cakes on our birthday is a must for my family. The worst thing is, all of our birthday are end of the year, so we will have 3-4 cakes consecutively in the month of October, November and December. Mum was worse last time as she also wants to celebrate our chinese birthdays! Imagine 6-8 birthday cakes during the last quarter of the year. O.O

Everytime we will order a cake from a bakery near us as we don't drive, I don't want to lug the cake and squeeze on buses or train, and worse, some cakes are not suitable to be left in room temperature for very long. We found a new love with yummy cakes and most importantly, order online and get it delivered right to our doorstep. Free delivery some more!

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Was lucky to try at least 8 cakes from!

 photo IMG_8037_zpsnd9rbrqm.jpg

 photo IMG_8039_zpsrddyoyfk.jpg

By the way, before I forget, you may customise your orders, if you are catering for a party, you may request bite-size cakes/tarts! Just give them a call to enquire!

Not just for catering/party, you can also customise any other cakes base on your personal preference, designs and other requirements.

 photo IMG_8038_zpsf82ghpbo.jpg

Some savouries to start us off before we dig into the cakes.

Now comes the sweets:
 photo IMG_8044_zpswf2axp5p.jpg
Lime Meringue Tart S$65

As I mentioned above, the tart crust is good, but I would recommend this to those who can take sourish as this can get too acidic until it taste a bit ''xing'', like when you suck on a metal spoon.

 photo IMG_8098_zpsfgp04ctg.jpg
Mixed Berries Tart S$65

The tart base is made from natural beetroot thats why its pink in colour! I thought this is a perfect alternative if you want something away from cakes. And it is very pretty!

 photo IMG_8070_zpsn0fblrza.jpg
Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart S$65

Another tart! Salted caramel is always a hot favourite, and this tart gives you the best of both worlds: gooey salted caramel and bittersweet chocolate ganache.

 photo IMG_8067_zps86vjgn4r.jpg
The Malt-Teaser S$58

The most sinful looking cake here! Its a deconstructed version of Maltesers using malt cocoa powder and white chocolate. However, I find this a little too dry for my liking.

 photo IMG_8050_zpsr5bdkllj.jpg
Eggless Blackforest Cake S$58

Its a alcohol-free as well as eggless cake! Perfect for vegetarians too!

 photo IMG_8046_zpsg0yuzcah.jpg
Pistachio Raspberry Litchi Cake S$58

A sour-sweet cake with raspberry mousse spread over layers of pistachio sponge. By the side is crushed pistachio nuts.

 photo IMG_8081_zpswebraokf.jpg
Tiramisu S$58

As I mentioned above that is in the midst of obtaining their halal certification, therefore this is a alcohol-free cake, its a blend of cocoa, espresso, mascarpone cheese.

 photo IMG_8073_zpsoqo5svgy.jpg
Spectaculoos Cheesecake S$58

My favourite of all cakes is none other than the speculoos!

I don't need to introduce more, speculoos is so so hot now. However, this definitely cannot be kept in room temperature for long, the whole cake will become soft, like softer than mousse cake, as it doesn't contain any gelatine.

 photo IMG_8074_zpsgwjxen4c.jpg
Double Chocolate Cake S$58

Fluffy sponge layer with chocolate ganache filled a thin layer of crips feuilletine. When I mentioned customised, means you can also put your face on the cake! You just need to upload the photo and choose a flavour of your cake, the talented bakers will create a special cake for you!

All ingredients used in their cakes/tarts are top-quality and received the ISO 22000 certification, proving their good hygiene and efficient processes.

Thank you for having me at the cake party!

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