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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TAO Seafood Asia @ Asia Square Mall

12 Marina View Asia Square Tower 2 #02-10 Singapore 018961
Tel: +65 6844 9969
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm
6:00pm to 10:00pm Monday to Sunday
Last order by: 9.30pm

The following dishes are available from 3 February to 5 March 2015. 2-day advance order is required for takeaway creations.

 photo file_zps2f8260e9.jpg

Shepherd in the Year Of The Goat With TAO Seafood Asia’s Thai-Teochew Yaowarat Creations this Chinese New Year.

  1. The Place
  2. Drinks
  3. Food

 photo file_zps69aa5253.jpg

TAO Seafood Asia is actually not a new name to us.

A few months ago, K & I were at their stall ''fUn'', also located at Asia Square Mall's food court, we fallen in love with the rice, the sauce makes it flavourful and the green chill is spicy and superb!

 photo file_zpsa3ab4e0a.jpg

Last week, we were here to try them out, especially the Chinese New Year dishes!

 photo file_zps7e5d1ac0.jpg

Our door gifts which they arranged it into a 福. Will reveal what it is, at the end of this post.

1. The Place

 photo file_zps918c4485.jpg

 photo file_zps7df026a4.jpg

In hues of red and white, brightly lited, K even joked that we can hold our wedding here! :P

 photo file_zps12150a0d.jpg

The chairs are really big and comfortable, I share the space with my big bag.

 photo file_zps29192ab8.jpg

There are 2-3 private rooms which I think is suitable for gathering with my girlfriends + family, as our ''family'' is growing, from 4, to 8, and to 10 now!

 photo file_zpsc3ad6466.jpg

2. Drinks

 photo file_zps911fafc6.jpg
Lemongrass with Rock Sugar

We were first served Lemongrass drink, so refreshening! My currant favourite drink, no joke. I actually bought lemongrass teabags to brew in the office, but it taste nothing like this one here at TAO!

 photo file_zpsbcc0a166.jpg
Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Egg Sauce S$10

This is an appetiser which is on their regular menu. Before this dish was served, I imagined it to have a salted egg dip, super layman I know.

But it is actually fish skin deep fried before being pan tossed with salted egg sauce.

In the background, it is the green chill sauce that I was talking about - the one I had at ''fUn''.
This special Yaowarat-style green chill sauce’s unparalleled spiciness will awake all the senses the moment it touches the palates and enliven all that it tastes. Try it and you will know why we love it.

 photo file_zps8218b4db.jpg
TAO Supreme Prosperity Yu Sheng 三羊泰 捞生 S$128++
Serves 8 to 10 pax. 1-day advance reservation for dine-in and takeaway is required.

 photo file_zps9a2b0504.jpg

 photo file_zpsdc16a977.jpg

This earns its name with its 18 ingredients from 4 categories namely, seafood, greens, fruits and nuts! From abalone, salmon roe, crispy deep-fried fish skin to the fresh slices of mango, blueberries, strawberries, each of the ingredients lends a distinctive taste and aroma that perks up the appetite and sizzles the taste buds.

 photo file_zps9afa7da4.jpg

The Thai people adore peanuts and fried fish skins, thus these choice goodies found its rightful place in TAO’s Thai yu sheng. The beautifully plated yu sheng, together with the thai basil leaves, plum sauce, pepper and cooked oil, gives its an uplifting flavour that is sweet, sour, zesty and most importantly, refreshingly crunchy.

 photo file_zps577f829e.jpg

All tossed up so evenly. If you are sick of the usual Yu Sheng, you can give this a try as it taste different from the usual yusheng as well.

 photo file_zps78189f52.jpg
House of Golden Riches Yaowarat Pen Cai 金家福祿 耀华力盆菜 S$318++ and S$488++
Serves 6 and 10 pax respectively. 2-day advance reservation for dine-in and takeaway is required.

 photo file_zps9855d7b5.jpg

The simple peasant dish, pen cai (pot of vegetables), has come a long way since its humble beginnings. I thought its a brilliant idea to put everything in a pot and its so so so tasty!

 photo file_zps6735c824.jpg

The hearty and satisfying savoury classic has long replaced its staple cabbages and garden greens with prized seafood namely the whole abalone, premium sea cucumber, conpoy, sea prawns, dried oysters and fish maw, together with other must-haves like black moss, mushroom, radish, roasted pork and mustard greens.

The difference in TAO’s House of Golden Riches Yaowarat Pen Cai is the merry trinity of chef Lee’s signature noble gravy soup, its spongy Thai fish maw from seafood merchants in Yaowarat, and last but not least, its addictive green chili blend.

The only downside is that the roasted pork is tough, too tough for my liking, so K had my share :P

 photo file_zpsfdda54ae.jpg
Abundance of Wealth Golden Soon Hock with Mango Slices 富貴有餘 黄金笋配芒果丝 S$9.80 per 100g
Serves 3-4 pax. 2-day advance reservation for dine-in and takeaway is required.

 photo file_zps28c6231e.jpg

The mere fragrance of the golden gravy marks its place on TAO’s dining table even before it arrives. Such is the wonderful pairing of the simplest ingredients in the masterful hands of culinary experts.

The soon hock is deep fried to a golden crisp, and meticulously dressed with TAO’s specially concocted fruity sauce with a dash of Thai nam pla (fish sauce), topped with slices of mango, green apple and onions.

The fried soon hock might be a little dry to eat on its own, best to eat with the sauce and mango strips!

 photo file_zpsab5a556a.jpg
Lap of Luxury Sautéed Prawns with Macadamia Nuts 碧意如意炒虾马卡达姆坚果 S$32++
Serves 3-4 pax. 1-day advance reservation for dine-in and takeaway is required.

Though it is a less well-known dish from the said cuisine, the likes of the sizzling crispy prawns, vegetables to the addictive nuts is big on nothing but flavour and freshness.

You may think that the macadamia nuts are already soggy by the time we eat them, NOPE! The macadamia nuts are still crunchy! The fresh sea prawns rattle in the TAO’s iron wok as chef Lee skillfully tossed it with whole macadamia nuts, celery, and bell peppers!

 photo file_zps80f41150.jpg

 photo file_zps6cee6fc6.jpg
Continuous Successes TAO Thai-Teochew Curry Crab 万事如意 饕聚泰式咖喱蟹 S$6++ per 100g
1-day advance reservation for dine-in and takeaway is required.

 photo file_zps03726a58.jpg

Curry is, by and large, one of the most well- known and well-loved flavour all over the world. Each culture has its own hallmark recipe, most often laden with coconut milk, spices, and local herbs, and each claims supremacy over the rest. Needless to say, the Thai-Teochews hold that their version of curry leads the unspoken race, thanks to the good knowledge of their local produce, the clever use of Thai basil leaves, small green and red chilies, coriander, kaffir lime leaves, raw palm sugar, and coconut milk, and their Yaowarat style of cooking.

The Continuous Successes TAO Thai-Teochew Curry Crab takes its glistening golden form as the fresh Sri Lankan crabs are simmered over slow fire and glazed in the hot, delicious spice-accented gravy. is layered with spices and the distinctive flavour of wok-fried crab.

 photo file_zpse1a21abd.jpg

We feedbacked to Adrian that the curry crab is not at all spicy, he told us that thai curry is not meant to be spicy, its more of savoury.

It taste best with buns/man tou! More man you please :P

Flavoursomely savoury!!

 photo file_zps31f2a1bb.jpg
Glutinous Rice 步步高升

Lastly, ending our dinner with desserts! Nian gao in ondeh ondeh style, so innovative!

 photo file_zps974098ed.jpg

A little meh-meh plushie from Nicole and Team as well as my favourite green chill from TAO Seafood Asia!!

Thank you TAO Seafood Asia for having us!! HUAT AH~~~~~

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