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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lunar New Year 2015 @ Thye Moh Chan

Thye Moh Chan

Address: Please refer to the list of outlets & operating hours here!

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Received some Chinese New Year goodies from Thye Moh Chan, looking so pretty as usual don't they?

  1. Tau Sar Piah
  2. Pineapple Pastry
  3. Prosperity Rabbit

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Free mandarin Orange carrier (top left corner) with minimum S$25 purchase.
1 redemption per receipt, while stocks last!
Comes in a pretty hot pink colour which I love very much.

1. Tau Sar Piah

 photo file_zps3d92c3c7.jpg
Tau Sar Piah S$10.80/box of 8 (usual price S$12.80 - S$14.40)
from 10th January 2015 to 5th March 2015.

Chinese New Year flavours are Bakwa Tau Sar Piah, Prune Tau Sar Piah, Longan Tau Sar Piah!

 photo file_zpsf3055431.jpg
Bak Kwa Tau Sar Piah S$10.80 for 8 pieces/box

Each handcrafted piece presents the trinity of fragrant flaky pastry with a delightful melt-in-your-mouth mung bean filling and savoury-sweet nuggets of bak kwa – barbecued pork slices. Definitely a highlight of this year!

 photo file_zps4478e268.jpg
Prune Tau Sar Piah

Re-launched this Lunar New Year. This unique flavour combines mung bean and prune for that fruity sweetness in every bite.

 photo file_zps76b38714.jpg
Longan Tau Sar Piah

Re-launched this Lunar New Year. The combination of sweet longan with their signature Salty Tau Sar Piah. Would love it if there are more Longan bits!

 photo file_zps6ca01eb5.jpg
Yam Tau Sar Piah

Creamy yam paste in light flaky pastry.
Apart from the chinese new year flavours, I also chose a few of my personal favourite like yam! I am totally a 100% teochew girl.

 photo file_zps6e5dd358.jpg
Cranberry Tau Sar Piah

And not forgetting also among the popular ones is Cranberry Tau Sar Piah. Refreshing and nutritious.

2. Pineapple Pastry

 photo file_zpsc046c6dc.jpg
Pineapple Pastry S$22.80/box of 8

This freshly-baked golden brown pineapple pastry made with gula melaka-infused premium pineapple fillings is irresistibly fragrant and melts in your mouth.

Available in Original as well as CNY flavours, Walnut & Longan.

 photo file_zpse5776e8d.jpg
Walnut Pineapple Pastry

3. Prosperity Rabbit

 photo file_zps955308e1.jpg
Prosperity Rabbits S$2.50 for 2 pieces

Cute looking little kueh, you have to consume within 2 days. It seems like there is a slight yellowish filling (or no filling), would prefer it to have tau sar filling and it will be so awesome!

 photo file_zpsffd5dce9.jpg

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