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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lower East Side @ East Coast Road

Address: 19 East Coast Road Singapore 428746
Opening Hours: 12pm to 11pm Sunday to Thursday
                               10am to 11pm Friday & Saturday

TURN UP THE HEAT THIS CHRISTMAS AT LOWER EAST SIDE - Tuck in to the 2 scrumptious Christmas Party Combos conceptualised by Executive Chef Claudio Sandri and his team! Available from 1st Dec 2014 to 25th Dec 2014, for lunch, dinner, both dine-in & takeaway.

Chef Claudio takes pride in working closely with suppliers to import a host of indigenous spicy chillies from Mexico such as habaneros, poblanos, and jalapenos, and is passionate about makes his own pickled chillies and sauces. As chillies are an important aspect of Mexican cuisine, Lower East Side offers three levels of spicy sauce on the side: Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, and Ultimate Insanity, so customers with a penchant for feisty Mexican-inspired nosh can enjoy the Christmas combo sets with these sauces

 photo file_zpsbfc29c93.jpg

Ring in the festive cheer this Yuletide season at Lower East Side Taqueria , the year-old Mexican-inspired restaurant-bar located along East Coast Road! Already a hit with diners for its riveting menu of wickedly hot tacos, burritos, and hearty meats, the quirky and vibrant looking taqueria is pleased to offer 2 scrumptious Christmas Party Combos conceptualised by Executive Chef Claudio Sandri and his fun-spirited team.

 photo file_zps9527917a.jpg

 photo file_zpse4278205.jpg

The colourful interior splashed out in typical mexican hues of bright green, vivid blur and yellow  presents an inviting convivial air. 

An installation of wooden pallets and chairs intertwined on the ceiling and hung together as a quirky 'chandelier'. 

 photo file_zpsed05d780.jpg

Blend of rice grains, almonds, nuts, cinnamon and touch of condensed milk. Taste totally like almond milk which is so good and helps a little in bring the fiery sensation on our tongues!

 photo file_zpsbde186b4.jpg
DRUNKEN FEAST S$44 per pax - minimum 3 persons

-Ribeye (chargrilled with chipotle salsa)
-Crispy Roast Pork with apple jalapeños chutney
-Chipotle Oven Roasted Turkey Breast with pineapple & cranberry sauce
-Chorizo stew burrito with habanero
-Elote (corn on the cob)

We enjoyed our Christmas Combo with a very very spicy Ultimate Insanity sauce, which reminds me of the Sunset Grill's Wings 😈 

 photo file_zps79e054a3.jpg
Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, and Ultimate Insanity

3 different levels of devil sauce (I called them devil sauce, soooooo spicy!)

 photo file_zpse843f61d.jpg

 photo file_zps46a5fb06.jpg
Crispy Roast Pork with apple jalapeños chutney

 photo file_zps8b42c888.jpg

 photo file_zps37fd9ee6.jpg
Ribeye (chargrilled with chipotle salsa)

 photo file_zps60104c8e.jpg

 photo file_zpsb99eeea6.jpg
Chipotle Oven Roasted Turkey Breast with pineapple & cranberry sauce

I would say this combo is a very meaty combo and garnered more than usual likes on Instagram. I didn't know so many of you are meat lovers! This combo is perfect for meat lovers!

 photo file_zpsd21aaf89.jpg
Chorizo stew burrito with habanero
Elote (corn on the cob)

 photo file_zpsde3f8b2b.jpg

Another Party Combo that is available is: 
POULTRY IN MOTION S$22 per person
-Angry rib (halved), with cilantro rice & slaw
-Ancho with pulled pork sliders
- Turkey quesadillas with smoked paprika and cranberry sauce

In order to try the above combos, do hurry as they only serve the Christmas Festive Combo till Christmas Day! 

Thank you Lower East Side & Chef Caudio Sandri for having us!

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