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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tokyo - Shinjuku & Ikebukuro

All the timings that I am quoting now will be Japan time (which is 1 hour ahead of Singapore's)The real thing that everyone would prefer to see! I did some shopping/walking around after putting our luggages at the hotel lobby, because the check in time is 2pm and we reached Shinjuku like 10.30am. So I had time to eat & shop around before going back to the hotel to check in! 
One thing about Japanese, they really mind you taking pictures of their shop/items/taking pictures in their premises. So most of the pictures taken in the shop/cafe/restaurant, are all taken secretly lol WTF. 
Past by Laduree! So I had to go in to see the awesome, pretty cakes! 
Beautiful right!
There are so many that I want to try! 

Ok, I had to say, this is my most expensive cake I have even eaten. Y980 (SGD$15.58) and it is really small. 
But it is nice, soft, sweet but yet sour, just nice. 
Chocolate cake Y880 (SGD$13.52)
We dined in at Laduree but they don't have plates, so they served us in a box, one cake per box somemore! Japanese are really very cautious or rather they concentrate a lot on the packaging, presentation of the things (be it food or clothes or gifts) that they are selling. 
3-38-2 Shinjuku Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo 160-022
During the short walk from our hotel to Lumine, we collected a fan, tissue & a booklet! HAHAH! Here in Singapore, the uncles & aunties are selling packet tissues (3 for SGD$1), there in Tokyo, they are giving out tissues for free! Begging people to take! Dafug. 
Then we past by Dean & Deluca, OMG Look at the amount of bread, pastries or whatever that is on display. Singapore can never ever do this, our kids will be running around, picking the pastries, dropping hem on the floor, adults will cough & sneeze on them. FOL. 

OMG I had to leave, before I got crazy!

Headed to Takashimaya and the B got underwear from Uniqlo 2 pieces for Y990 SGD$15.74. Almost like my strawberry cake. :P I don't find the Uniqlo cheap. Its almost like the same as Singapore? 
On the top-most floor at Takashimaya! 12th floor i think! 
The view!

and.. Kinokuniya is a SUPERMARKET! (dare not take a better view, I snapped and ran off! LOL) 
Takashimaya Food Hall is CRAZY! CRAZILY HUGE! Now... I find the Takashimaya in Singapore really pathetic to the very max. It is maybe.... 8 times larger than the one we had in Singapore. Selling all kinds of different food! OMG. Can you please imagine how crazy please. 
And whats more, they will greet and bow when you past by them, be it you took interest in their products or not. And the samples they handed out for us to try, is much bigger. Thats the way right? You got to try a bigger piece or mouthful of the food item, then you can really taste the real actual true taste. Singaporeans gave out a tiny weeny piece, how they expect people to really taste the product before buying, But then again, if they give out generous amount of samples, Singaporeans being Singaporean, we will queue up and take the sample from every store, fill our stomachs and head home. *roll eyes* 

Ok,  spotted the expensive fruits. Y5500 SGD$87.45 for a watermelon.

We then crossed the bridge outside Takshimaya, and headed to Kripsy Kreme! Must try since we don't have it here. 
Time check: 2.04pm.
Y180 SGD$2.86
Y180 SGD$2.86 

Both are not nice, don't try. I wonder why everybody is crazy over Krispy Kreme (I only know it on my very last day here, thats very sad but at least I know.) 
And one more thing about dining in Tokyo. Most of the restaurants/cafes will give wet tissue instead of tissue, which I like! Some will have free tissue on the table la. And the coupons.... One for one original donuts OMG BUT by then I would have already gone back! :( Next time. 
So cool right. Its somewhere near our hotel. 
The row of vending machine near our hotel! Got a bottle of Yakult (its like Calpis) and a can of milk tea! 
2.36pm: Back to the hotel to check in, unpack, bathed and head out again! 
4.34pm: Took the subway to Ikebukuro 

Train ride Y150 SGD$2.39
So we popped in any one of the ramen shops. :X 
Ordered our food from this vending machine, like a noob. Every button is only Japanese words and the amount. So we actually anyhow-ordered and hopefully it turns out nice. 
This is the ticket that is dispensed from the machine, just pass it to the staff, and they ask if I want medium or large. Luckily I chose medium because the portion is freaking huge! 
Garlic! & free flow ice water. Most eateries will offer free ice water/ocha without asking or pressurizing you to order drinks. Unlike here, you told the staff ''ice water please'', they give that you-owe-me-a-million-dollars face. 
Ok, the garlic. They will have a garlic chopper on the table. You will have to chop up the garlic and put it in your noodles. I am not a fresh garlic person, so I did not chop any. 

My huge portion if chewy udon! To dip inside this very thick and tasty soup! Or rather its gravy because it is too salty to be drank as a soup! Y890 SGD$14.15
B's ramen! Y790 SGD$12.56

This trip is a good training for B! Someone who is quite choosy, dislike onions, garlics, spring onions, and those stuff that looks weird to a kid, actually ate almost everything there! :X 
Very nice! If only I can takeaway my leftovers for supper! But luckily I did not. When you are on a holiday, there is really no room for any spare food! You will just buy anything/everything you see and stuff it into your mouth. I ate a lot a lot during this whole period. 
Muji! Things are not very cheap! Still quite expensive there!

Shopping for shoes, all the shoes in Tokyo are sorted according to size, so you just need to head to your size, and just pick the design you like! 
The madness crowd at the MRT station at 6.36pm. 
Train is here! Took the train and headed back to Shinjuku! 

Chiong to Isetan Food Hall! The food hall here, is also another madness, and it is nicer compared to Takashimaya's! 
Sneak a shot after buying some macarons.
And this pudding is on my must-try list! Its called Pudding D'or. Its actually pudding from all over Japan, price range is from Y315 to Y630 SGD$5.01 to SGD$10.02 

Another drink from the vending machine, because my throat hurts :(

On our way back to the hotel, there is a 24-hour Mcdonalds! Means.. Everyday without fail, I will pass by Mcdonalds!

What I got for supper! McPork!! Y490SGD$7.79
McPork! Seriously, it taste like the meat patty we had in our McMuffin / Big Breakfast! :X
What I have collected on the streets from Isetan to our hotel. LOL! 
Pierre Herme Macarons!! 4 macarons for Y1050  SGD$16.70 (Average of SGD$4 per piece!) But they are really yummy! Even B likes them (I think) ! :P
And the cute cute glass bottle Green Tea Pudding is YUMMY!!! Have to eat by the next day! So I had it for breakfast after waking up! Y368  SGD5.85.

Thats basically is my whole day. Touch down, walk, eat, bath, walk, eat, eat, eat, eat, bath, sleep. LOL! Life is too short to do anything else! Good night, I am going to sleep now. I feel that my cough is coming back, on and off! OMG! I had to get well soon!

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