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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tokyo - Airport Limousine to Shinjuku & Hotel

I am back for more updates on my Tokyo trip! :D 
Ticket stub to claim my luggage once i alighted from the bus in Shinjuku later.

Boarded the bus and traffic jams on the road. From what I always see, in Taiwan, Jakarta, Batam, Malaysia and now Tokyo, there is always traffic jam. You got to set aside ample time to spend on the traffic jam, in case you miss your flight. 
So this is their residential area! I was always wondering how their houses look like. 
Spot SKYTREE on the left! Never mind if you can't, I will be going there, I will post a clearer picture!
More apartments. I don't know what they call it though.
Dim sum lorry!
Finally alighted at Shinjuku Station! Too excited taking pictures without claiming my luggage first :P
Lots of vending machine. And vending machines are my best friend throughout my stay there! I have t buy a bottle everyday :D
Looking at the map like a tourist (now i am a real tourist!), and heading towards our hotel's direction. 
2-3-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo, Tokyo-to, 151-0053

The more nights you stayed with them, they will offer more discounts. I can either book the room through the hotel's website straight or go through agent. 
This time, I booked my hotel stay through Expedia website because by quoting XiaXue's name, I can get an additional 10% off! 
After the discounts from hotel & Expedia, 1 night is SGD$150.69 for a Economy Double Room :D
The lobby wowed me because I never thought that its that beautiful. :D 
I have read reviews while doing a research on the hotels, I have a few on my list but I settled on this! 
The hotel rooms in Japan are relatively small. So long as its safe and clean, I am ok with small room, I am not going to stay 24 hours in the room right!
Thoughtful: They provide lao hua glasses to read at the hotel reception! 
In my room, the bed, with newly washed/pressed pajamas EVERYDAY.
The bathroom. Small but clean & comfortable. 
New pair of bedroom slippers for every customer.
For every item you opened/used here in this basket, they will replace with a brand new one everyday! 
So nice right! But of course I did not waste resources, I brought my own toothbrush and used only 1 of their combs. 
They will also change & wash the towels (bath towel, face towel, hand towel, rag) everyday. Some hotels I have stayed in overseas, they will have a note trying to encourage you to not change towel daily o.o 
Full sized and nice smelling shampoo, body foam & conditioner. I love bathing there! 
Free energy drink in the fridge. This type of energy drink or this kind of glass bottle collagen drink is selling everywhere in Tokyo. Every drugstore carries them! 

Green tea is quite nice! 
My savior! I boiled water every night and fill up my bottle and bring it out everyday! 
The sad thing is... I fell sick on my 2nd day there! I had a terrible sore throat initially, then i lose my voice (I swear this is the worst voice lost ever!), then throat becomes itchy and I cough every now & then. Every morning I woke up with a very bad congested nose & throat, lots of thick & greenish phlegm & mucus. Then!!!! I had a fever that never go off! WTF! I am on a holiday, why do you do this to me! Thank god, I still found energy to go around to many places to shop & eat! I've spent maybe SGD$70-80 on medicine. I bought a sore throat medicine, logenzes,very expensive panadols, more logenzes. *faint* 
Ok, enough of that. I am just trying to say actually I wasn't feeling well throughout, but I tried my best to enjoy & I am very thankful for everything I have got with me, thankful for the love, care & concern I received from my loved ones. Thankful that I can still enjoy my trip despite being quite sick. 
After putting everything in the hotel, we proceed to roam around Shinjuku (where our hotel is) because there is Takshimaya, Isetan, Lumine, Lumine 2, Lumine Est, Odakyu, and many more I think!

Bought their MRT card! They have at least 2 types of MRT card! I bought the Suica Card because it can be used on Subways, Trains, JRs - very convenient! 
We used the automated machine to purchase our cards, we topped up Y3000 (SGD$47.70) each and on our 4th or 5th day there, we topped another Y1000 (SGD$15.90), so its a total of SGD$63.60 for a week of MRT rides in Tokyo. We did not take any taxi/cabs there because we heard that its super expensive! So its all trains & walking for us! 

Suica card can also be used in vending machines, eateries, drugstores. 

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