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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tokyo - Gotemba Premium Outlet & Shinjuku

Hello! I am in my new Agneselle kimono romper! Bought this because it is Kimono style, just to bring to Tokyo. Dafug. But its really comfy. And guess what, I woke up real early (when I was there, I couldn't sleep till late, I will wake up automatically, maybe because I am not feeling well), bathed & got ready,. When I took this picture, its 5.17am Singapore time, 6.17am Japan time. Means I woke up an hour earlier to prepare. MY GOD. O.O 

Our room and I threw this magnet on the door before I leave! Leaving hotel room at 6.20am Japan time. 
Time check: 6.41am.
I guess the only eatery that is opened at this kind of timing is... Mcdonalds. 
Tuna McMuffin with coffee Y$250 (SGD$3.98), yes TUNA MCMUFFIN! YUMZZ! 
Sausage McMuffin with egg, coffee & hashbrown Y440 (SGD$7)
Sausage McMuffin

Tuna Mcmuffin and there are small chunks of potato too! With lettuce & cheese. YUMMY. Posted this in Instagram and causing a minor uproar on why is it so unfair that they have so many special burgers in Tokyo but not in their country or Singapore. Cheer up, if you see the same old menu like Tuna burger, ebi burger everyday, you won't feel special anymore right?
Cigarettes vending machines! 
Walked around the Shinjuku station, asking around how do we get to Gotemba Premium Outlet. After much difficulty and difficulty in understanding one another, finally we get to the Shinjuku Station West Bus Stop 35, there is a office there selling tickets to get to Gotemba! YAY! There are other alternatives to Gotemba too, a train called Romance Car etc. But all the buses/trains has got a fixed departure timing. So we took the earliest which is the bus! 
Y$2900 per adult (SGD$46.11) for an estimated 100 min bus ride. 
Blogging this now, in less than one month after the trip, I find that it is super expensive! HAHAHA! Never mind, it is also for the sight-seeing & experience. 
Anyway, after taking this bus, we have to transfer to another shuttle bus to bring us to the premium outlet. So can you imagine how tiring it is. 
We were allocated seat numbers on the bus too. I like! 
Boarded the bus at 8am and off we go! 
At this point of time, I am actually feeling a little scare and worried. Because its a long journey out, away from Tokyo and we don't know a single Japanese word, except for Konnichiwa, Arigatou, Sumimasei, etc but all these are only used to greet, say thanks. In some cases, even simple Japanese can't help at all. You got to be in that situation then you will be able to understand. And looking at the mountains, long winding roads, give me an uneasy feeling. But a short while later the feeling goes off, because I fell asleep! LOL! 
Woke up at 9.34am, look around and shortly after... 9.47am, finally...
we are reaching.
Hello, I am awake and had a terrible sore throat. :( 

Alighted at Gotemba Station to wait for the shuttle bus! OMG the weather is super awesome!! It is cooling , windy. Something that I had experience before when I went Taiwan. Its those kind of mountain top kind of cooling feeling, so much better than aircon and it feels almost like in an aircon room but its just more shiok. 
This is a row of vending machines and the schedule of the Gotemba Premium Outlets shuttle bus! Gonna board the 10.10am bus because the 9.50am bus just left. So I went around taking pictures, the weather is simply awesome, I got to say this again. 

Spot Mt Fuji at the top left hand corner of the map! 
The bus stop where we alight, and the same bus stop to wait for the shuttle bus. 

Boarded the bus and past by this shopping mall with a huge Uniqlo.
All the landed properties.
10.22am: Alighted the bus! 
There are about 210 brands here at Gotemba Premium Outlet. And after I finished shopping, I swear this place is freaking huge! 

The brands they have here, below:

SEE! Its a beautiful place!! 

ADDRESS 1312 Fukasawa Gotemba-Shi, Shizuoka, Japan 412-0023 

HOURS Mar.-Nov. 10:00-20:00 Dec.-Feb. 10:00-19:00 Closing Day: Once a year, on the third Thursday in February. *Closing and hours are subject to change.

210 OUTLET STORES Premium Outlets® flagship center in Japan. One of the largest outlet centers in Japan, Gotemba Premium Outlets® is situated on an extensive site within view of Mt. Fuji.

Huge & pretty !

Due to the painful throat, I got to stop by and have some ice cream and this is in Bodum. 
Y$350 (SGD$5.57)

Once I finished my ice cream & stepped out from Bodum, I saw Godiva. 
Must have a drink too! Y$560 (SGD$8.90) for a small cup.

Satisfied after the drink, here is a huge one!

Agnes B cosmetics
Once I get to know that we can spot Mt Fuji from Gotemba Premium Outlets, I was thrilled! Every mountain I see, I will ask myself or B ''So, is that Mt Fuji??'' We couldn't get an answer. LOL! But what makes me angry is... We found lots of pictures online, those they used to advertise for Gotemba Premium Outlets, all have Mt Fuji at the background one, and Mt Fuji appear like anywhere, everywhere. Its like as though everywhere here, you can spot Mt Fuji. O.o 
Calpis for my throat! LOL!
Fauchon (a bakery from Paris I believe) for tea break or lunch?? at 12.38pm. Eating Paris bread by the window in Japan. *bliss*
We chose a Pizza kind of bread & a chocolate croissant. Y$514 (SGD$8.17) for these 2. 
Ok, please take a look at the picture below.
Taken by me :D
This is what I took from Gotemba Premium Outlets' website. 

Everything is nice, pretty, but expensive there, but why you lie about the Mount Fuji? :(
I know its photoshop, but I can't see a teeny weeny bit of Mt Fuji but yet the picture showed that the Mt Fuji is super big. Ok I feel cheated, thats all. I travelled all the way here, almost like a 2 hour journey, and a $50 bus ride, to see no Mt Fuji. 
Proceed to another part (there is East & West) of the outlet. Told you, this place is HUGE.

Their carpark. Japanese really abide their law/rules. Spot the small shelter on the left? 
Its their smoking corner. You really won't see people smoking at non-smoking places, and they cannot smoke while walking on pavements, and I see none smoking while walking on pavements. This is how nice they are. Considerate. Here, smoking is not allowed in buildings, people smoke at staircase landing, and toilets. Here, you have to walk beyond 5metres away from the entrance of buildings, people smoke openly right outside the entrance. This is one of the reason why I love Japanese. 
Ok, things are relatively expensive. Branded stuff are not cheap either. 
My supervisor bought a Prada from HongKong's Factory Outlet and the exact same Prada is selling at Gotemba for about SGD$200 more expensive than the one she got in HongKong. Buying branded stuff in Japan is a no-no. Not at airports, not at shopping malls, not even factory outlets. 
So, with this, I conclude, I only spend my money eating, drinking & a few little stuff like a bag, belt, B's polo tee from here.
Oh ya! And I saw this Basket Bag which I am super in love with, at Singapore's Isetan. I spotted the exact same bag at the outlet and its SGD$20 more expensive. :( 

Booked our bus seats and decided to head back as we had finished shopping. 
3.15pm bus and as expected, I catch up with my sleep on the bus. 
Back to Shinjuku and did some shopping, bought some gifts for the girls before heading for dinner. 
6.36pm: Dinner is at this 24 hour eatery near Lumine, vending machine ordering system with foreign words. 

B's curry chicken rice Y$360 (SGD$5.72)
My tempura soba (SGD$5.88) with really tasty soup! 

Seems to be a Ladies Mall! The sides of the escalator with pink stickers.
The tissue I collected today!
And my shopping stuff bough from Gotemba Premium Outlet & shops in Shinjuku! 
B's polo tee is not in here, and also a Ricola & chewing gum! 

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