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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tokyo - Here I come!

This shall be the first post to my Tokyo trip! YAYYY!!
Why Tokyo? Because it is somewhere where I have not been to at all. Had always love Taiwan, and had been to Taiwan for 3 times already, and everybody is going to Taiwan this year, so I had to go somewhere different! :D
Looking through the pictures make me smile & tear. I miss that place so very much. All my Tokyo posts will only contain ''Japan-Tokyo'' label. 
I will try to blog as detailed as possible so that my friends/strangers who chanced upon this blog/even myself could refer to these when they are doing some research for their Tokyo trip! 
Me! After checking in, headed to the toilet because I believe Airport's toilets are still much better than those on the planes! And we checked in early, (bad news) so I had time to shop around! Bought 2 tops from Cotton On & a hair accessory from Accessories! I joked ''I have not even board the plane, and I already started shopping!!'' 
Waited patiently to board the plane & finally.... YIPPEE!!! 
This time to Tokyo, its a 7-hour flight so I couldn't bring myself to fly budget airlines. 
I took ANA (All Nippon Airways)! Its a Japanese Airline, so Japanese language is their FIRST language. They will announce everything in Japanese first, then followed by English. 

Booked this ticket when they are having some promotion, so its SGD$779 per person. This is a promotion price, so I guess the usual price should be near to SGD$1K. 
I think, I have not took a plane for damn long (like at least 3 years) and I am really seriously feeling nervous! 
On board NH902 from Singapore to Tokyo! My flight is 12.45am! Purposely chose this time so that I could sleep my 7 hours away. 
The TV screen (with privacy screen somemore! the one sitting next to you cannot peek into your tv), showing the life jacket wearing procedure that I always can't be bothered to watch, I was busy talking & taking pictures! 
Remote control for the TV, TV, and ports to charge our electronic devices! Japanese are really thoughtful (after this trip, I had realised).
Ok, no more pictures until it took off, because I was nervous o.o
4 mins after departure!! I know you all cannot feel my excitement but I am really seriously feeling excited, nervous, touched, miss home but wants to go on a holiday. Many many mixed feelings! 
6 hours 35 mins to TOKYO!!! I am thankful to the brothers who invented planes!
Its 1.03am Singapore time & 2.03am Tokyo time. 
Drinks are served! 
So many choices! As if I know how to read :X 
English! :D
I had my usual apple juice (I always drink apple juice on flight, I don't know why)

Then, they gave out goodie bags!! So happy! I felt a sore throat coming so I didn;t touch any of these except for the mineral water. Ended up, I left the chips & chocolates in the hotel room :( 

Start to charge my phone while I get into the mood to sleep. I didn't even open the earphones/watch tv, I just want some beauty sleep! 
This time, the airplane mode is really put to the exact good use! :D 
zzzzzzz time!!
Good morning!! Woken up by the sun or maybe turbulence? And the flight attendence are so sweet! They close the window for me while I was sleeping, I don't know how they do it, I suppose they have a stick to assist in pulling down the window. 
Just wake up look! 
What??? Only 4.5 hours after departure! :( 
Its 5.28am (Tokyo 6.28am) 

The clouds are too beautiful, I can't stop taking pictures of them!
OMG I at TAIWAN NOW!!! Taiwan, you are still deeply missed by me ok? 
6.13am Singapore time/7.13am Tokyo time: They passed us the menu to choose our breakfast!! YAYY! 
Chose the higher calorie western food instead! MUAHAHAH!! The breakfast is yummy! Who says in-flight food sucks? I was really sooooo super busy, eating my main course, eating the bread, eating the yogurt, eating fruits, drink my apple juice, orange juice, coffee?? WTF! LOL!! 

Look at the outside temperature! 
More clouds! 
7.31am Singapore time/8.31am Tokyo time! 
I can see the ocean already!! 
OMG 4 mins to TOKYO!!!!! I know people will say ''never go Tokyo before is it?''
Ya!!! I never go before, so I am freaking excited, counting down! 
Hello Japan! 
2 mins :)
1 min, blur image because the plane is like touching down, jerking. LOL!
5km!! 5km for a plane is like, 2 seconds? FAST FAST FAST!
7.36am SIngapore time/8.36am Tokyo time: I then switch to the front camera view to see the plane touch down!! YAYY mummy havn't wake up, I can switch on my phone & whatsapp her! When she wakes up, she will know I have safely reached Tokyo.

And after chopping passport (the custom man who chopped my passport is so fierce, he is the most unfriendly Japanese I had met throughout this trip.), because I don't understand Japanese, he doesn't understand English, we do not know what we mean, and he got irritated. o.O
Ok, nevermind, I am on a holiday! YAYY!! And i actually can't be bothered by him, because my day in Tokyo had just started! 
A cute one! 
After chopping the passport & taking my luggage, went to the bus counter to ask about the buses to our hotel. 
One way (1 hour Journey from Narita Airport to Shinjuku Station) Y3000 (SGD$47.70) per adult. :O 

Like very expensive right? I have gotten over the shock and accepted the fact when I was doing my research. 
Its Friendly Airport Limousine bus, the staff are all very friendly! 
Boarding the bus soon! Stay tune for more! XOXO 

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