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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ah Mao's Satay!

BK has this new concept at some of its outlets! So cool, you can see the staff preparing your burger behind the glass panel. 
Had always wanted to try BK shots.

Bought some cupcakes for BFF & colleagues! 
This box is for BFF! She said that she couldn't bear to buy because it cost SGD$3 each, so I got one box for her to nom on! Thats what friends are for!

BK shots! Chicken & Beef! Both are yummy but maybe the beef one is nicer because there are onion rings! 
Too many people waiting for train! :( Got to miss 6-8 trains before I am able to board.
Arrived safely at Ah Mao's workplace! 
Her satay stall! 
Its at the small Pasir Ris Park right opposite Whitesands, where people prawn & fish.

Ordered some zhi char too. Halal zhi char because it is a halal cafe. 
The curry fishhead taste a little different from the chinese ones. It is thick & sweet, and jer-lut.
Bought this kitty specs for Cong, because the last time I met him, he said he wanted it with a blue ribbon, who knows he is joking. BUT I just bought it for him and force him to wear! Before passing the specs to him, each of us get to camwhore with it! MUAHAHA!


And Rong-er who did not join us for dinner, steal the pic on facebook and edit it. 

:D It feels great to be able to meet up old friends once a while! Healthy lifestyle. :P

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