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Thursday, August 23, 2012

TCC, Japanese Food!

Hello! I thought you might forget me.. so.. I am still fine! Recovering well. 
I am still thinking if I should quickly start blogging about Tokyo before I forget! (as if I will forget!)

Lunch at TCC!
Pan-fried Salmon with Citrus White Wine Sauce SGD$23.90
Pan-seared Chicken Breast with Shogayaki Sauce SGD$19.80
Shrooms Bite - Deliciously light puff pastry filled with a sauteed mushroom ragout SGD$10.80
Berry Chocolate Latte SGD$7.30 & Berry Glitzy SGD$6.90 

Rose chiffon cake
Green tea chiffon cake

Favourite TeaTime cakes! 
My dressing table & power plugs have been invaded by ants! 
SEEE! It is this bad! And this ant killer thingy don't work at all :( 
End up, mummy had to spray the pesticides for a few days straight before it wiped out everything! 

Let me think if I should blog on the Tokyo post next! :X

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