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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oh My Tian + Old Hen + Baby Shower + 4-day fever

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Since I am at home doing basically nothing, I shall blog about my boring story of these few days. Away from those CNY posts for a while. 

On Saturday, I attended a tasting session with my usual lovely gang, Jacq, Nikki, Diana & Randy, I was feeling a little weak, feeling cold but sweating like mad, and not much appetite. 

After tasting, we went to Oh my Tian. 

Oh My Tian
Address: 34 Whampoa West #01-79
Tel: +65 66121166

 photo WWFL3257_zpstxduc2tg.jpg 

The whole place stinks if you get what I mean, its not very well-ventilated. Oh My Tian is by the same people of Hatter Street. 

 photo HNDX5506_zpskeoa9qjz.jpg 
Whoaffles with Ice Cream (single scoop) S$9

We topped up S$0.50 for sauce, which we chose Espresso Butterscotch. Not too bad, waffles is crispy, we had Snickers Ice Cream. I guess all of us prefer Hatter Street though. 

Old Hen Coffee Bar
Address: 88 Rangoon Rd #01-03 Singapore 218374
Tel: +65 63415458

 photo JHWD1139_zpsijzxxulv.jpg 
Panna Cotta S$6
Valrhona Dark Cocoa Orange S$7

Still very much in love with this panna cotta, and the dark cocoa orange is a launch for CNY, which is pretty good. 

 photo QLEM0047_zpsqwxdpm75.jpg 
Matcha Chocolate Raspeberry Cake S$7.50

which I personally don't like, the combination doesn't go well. 

I managed to stay alive till at night, waking up real late the next morning. 

On Sunday, by the time I woke up, its already 2pm+, I ironed some clothes and got ready to go to my god daughter's full month celebration. 

 photo VSQF5572_zpserzja3az.jpg

God mummy wishing my beloved Xuan Xuan happy full-month and grow up healthily. No pics with the baby because I scare I might pass my virus to her. Next time, we have the whole lifetime for pictures. 

 photo WQUU4484_zpshjy1hyqb.jpg 

Dessert table that attracted the attention of many kids and adults (me) too!

 photo VZGR8551_zpsxuet7bop.jpg 

 photo YDNH7248_zpspfnjtwhe.jpg 

 photo WAGH7611_zpskeu5yaux.jpg 

After staying for an hour or so, we decided to head home. I felt sick so I took out my new thermometer and measure my temperature. Slight fever despite taking panadol since Saturday night and whole of Sunday. I quickly took medicine and went to bed, as I have work and tasting the next day and facial on Tuesday.

On Monday, I woke up feeling even more terrible, I decided to shower, see a doc before reporting for work. 

 photo EBJD4227_zpscw8u2wih.jpg 

Then I see my temperature so high, I decided to go back to sleep, wait for clinic to open and take MC. 

 photo QLHG8235_zpspx9npkoj.jpg 

So I reached the clinic, told the doctor I had fever since Saturday, he immediately said ''I have to draw blood from you to be tested for dengue, if your fever only started today, then maybe not, so I suspect dengue.. Where you stay?'' 

I think he asked where I stay for like 5-6 times before I got out of shock and reply him. So he told me just last week, a guy was tested positive for dengue, who is also staying in Simei. Sigh... 

 photo FUFQ2146_zpssaybvruf.jpg 

I usually need pillar of support for blood drawing, I guess its time to grow up! See, I can do it now. I was really so weak that I don't even have the strength to open the clinic's glass door, so weak that my mum almost cancelled her work just so that she can be at home in case i faint. But I assured her I am fine because I know I will sleep the whole of Monday away. 

 photo AYCB9027_zpsnavyuhsj.jpg 

My boring Monday dinner :( 

 photo SZRB7300_zpsrqvoivtg.jpg 

Before I go to bed, praying that I don't wake up feeling as bad as what I felt in the morning. 

On Tuesday, which is today, I woke up feeling better but still slight feverish.

 photo DYNU1102_zpseaappgbq.jpg 

Since I'm better, mummy bought me bee hoon instead of sick food. 

 photo EQOJ1707_zpsyqxaysgb.jpg

My usual routine.... these few days. Eating panadol is a chore, have to cut them into small pieces, what's worse is the mouthful of water I have to take to swallow them. The thought of it makes me sick. 

 photo 6B5C9412-9DE6-4511-97E0-50555154A9B6_zpsmzzn14og.jpg

If you think my life at home is just plain tasteless stuff, nah, I did play cheat a bit and had snacks as well as chocolates from my mei meis.

Ok thats pretty much about it. I guess its back to work tomorrow since I can feel that I am recovering. I can't imagine the tonnes of work awaiting for me at work. O.O

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