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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 with Red House Seafood @ Prinsep Street

Address: 68 Prinsep Street Singapore 188661
Tel: +65 63366080
Operating Hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday
  5pm to 11pm Monday to Friday
  11am to 11pm Saturday, Sunday & PH
Address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-14 The Quayside Singapore 238252
Tel: +65 67357666
Operating Hours: 3pm to 11pm Monday to Friday
11am to 11pm Saturday, Sunday & PH

 photo EUQN6201_zpsavsghgh5.jpg

Chinese New Year 2016
Takeaways are available from 25th Jan to 22nd February 2016 between 11am to 11.30am and 5pm to 5.30pm.
Restaurants will be closed on the 8th February 2016.

Reunion Dinner set available only on 7th February 2016.
Annual Dinner Set available from 1st January to 22nd February 2016. 

 photo HYLM9634_zpsjfimfdmj.jpg

Here for dinner with my lovely bunch of friends after work. Red House Prinsep just finished renovation in September 2015, and its so pretty and cosy with warm lighting that highlights wrought iron panels, Peranakan-style floral tiles and Chinese artworks. There are private rooms on the second floor of the restaurant. 

 photo VFDA8302_zpsy3dg7b1i.jpg 
Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set S$188 for 6 pax (available from 25th Jan to 22nd Feb 2016 at both outlets)

  1. Sauteed Trio Seafood with Pineapple in Chef's Spicy Sauce (in Tiffin)
  2. Sautéed Fresh Lily Bulb, Wild Mushroom with Asparagus (in Tiffin)
  3. Braised Pork Belly with Special Sauce (in Tiffin)
  4. Prosperity Raw Salmon Yu Sheng
  5. Steamed Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf
  6. 6 x Mandarin Oranges

Customers can either call any of the 2 outlets stated at the top of the post, or email to / for all takeaway orders.
An advance order of 1 working day is required.

Maybe this is not the first in Singapore, but its new to me!
Red House Seafood specially created prosperity dishes in a Tiffin Set for customers to takeaway the restaurant food and dine in the comfort of their home. Brilliant! I can foresee as years passed, restaurants on CNY eve will be packed with people. Why not just enjoy restaurant quality food but at home?

 photo IAKJ7356_zps70owyetn.jpg 
Prosperity Raw Salmon Yu Sheng (S$48 / S$78 ala-carte, Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set, Annual Set Menu)

Served with homemade plum sauce blend with fresh dragon fruit. Very refreshing, we almost finished everything! 

 photo JHFG6442_zpsbyhuelul.jpg 
Braised Pork Belly with Special Sauce (Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set)

The special sauce here is actually made of lemon juice, fresh oranges and chinese herbs. It gives the pork belly a tangy-sweet flavour, a pity the pork belly is a little tough. 

 photo DFEE3268_zpsjvg14azm.jpg 
Steamed Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf (Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set)

The rice is fried with mushrooms, chestnuts, yam and chinese chicken sausages, then wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed further. Usually its glutinous rice, chef is brilliant to replace it with fried rice instead so that it will be too heavy. 

 photo IONA2533_zps2wph7agz.jpg 
Sautéed Fresh Lily Bulb, Wild Mushroom with Asparagus (Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set)

 photo ADMR9430_zpshwnz9oaz.jpg 
Sauteed Trio Seafood with Pineapple in Chef's Spicy Sauce (Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set)

I really love this dish, the sauce is very tasty and of course the seafood is fresh too. I wish I can have more but must save for my dining companions. 

 photo MLAM2052_zpsdtmrmhlo.jpg

 photo WETU7010_zpsjgiq7f1s.jpg 
Stewed Ginseng Chicken wrapped with Cabbage (Reunion Dinner Set 8-course S$588 for 10 pax)

Although its not the most appetising-looking dish, its one of the tastier dishes. 
A whole chicken is wrapped in cabbage after which it is steamed for an hour to achieve the silky texture. The meat is also soft and fork-tender (in this case, ''chopstick-tender'', totally able to pull of the meat using only chopsticks. And I love soft cabbages (the same type i love for steamboat), they are so much tastier as they absorb all the goodness from the sauce. 

 photo ELOL6654_zpsgdkoahjb.jpg  
Signature Scottish Lobster with Creamy Custard Sauce (Reunion Dinner Set 8-course S$888 for 10 pax / Annual Dinner Set 8-course S$788 for 10 pax)

Specially for this festive period! Why do I feel yellowish sauces automatically has salted egg taste? But its not, its creamy custard cream which is not bad. 

 photo PJFD0872_zpsdivuw6ag.jpg
Chilled Lemon Grass Jelly with Lime Sherbet (Annual Dinner Set 8-course S$988 for 10 pax)

A refreshing dessert to end the satisfying meal. 

 photo CFOR9077_zpsen3yev68.jpg
Deep-Fried Bamboo Charcoal Chili Crab Bun

We also requested to try this tempting little bun and its good, if only it oozes more sauce will be even better! As Red House Seafood turns 40 this year,  there is 40% off dim sum items! Whats even better, its for the whole of 2016! I am pulling my friends back here again!

Thank you Red House Seafood for the kind invitation!

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