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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Its been quite some time since you saw my face so now I am updating this. I forgotten this is the number XX times of my facial already because I left my organiser at work, but I am very happy with my face now. Not flawless yet because I still have not very small pores, breakouts occasionally, but I am very satisfied already. Show you a clearer face shot some time later.

 photo file_zpsb7d8c9db.jpg

Char Siew Bread from Baker Talent. Should stick with their Golden Sands instead.

 photo file_zps723e7e0c.jpg

Camwhore while small girl is preparing warm water to cleanse my face.

 photo file_zps5e50e1ce.jpg

Even though I am wrapped up like a mummy, I could still camwhore. *Applause*

 photo file_zps786b9fa9.jpg

All done & famished and I did something I had never done before...

Go to the coffeeshop and have my dinner! Not 100& confident with my bare face, especially after facial, face will be red after extraction.

 photo file_zpsdf715a25.jpg


Nothing much now, just want to say my face is good now. :P

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