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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tokyo - DisneyLand (Part 2)

continued from the previous post because I took lots of pictures there! 
After visiting Mickey's house, its Minnie's turn now! Minnie's house is so much better because its brighter. unlike Mickey's, I skipped the hall, study area, and part of the bedroom because its way too dark. 

So sweet right.

Kitchen! She has a pretty pretty kitchen! I don't mind to have one lke hers so I can bake happier.

Her fridge!
Whats inside? ALL CHEESE.

The kids are so happy! 
Last look at the kitchen cabinet before I go off.
Passed by a food stall, and look at all the food they are selling, so yummy! 
Spot Mickey Pizza!

So I had a strawberry shaved ice (available only during summer) Y$300 (SGD$4.77)


Sexy hourglass figure of chipmunk!
Firestation: The little girl is pressing a button, thereafter water will squirt out from the top of the 2nd floor of the building! But must stand at the ''wet area'' patch on the floor in order to get wet. :P

Love the colours!
So many people, so we headed in to check it out!

So its actually a boat ride! 
So many people but it only takes about 10 minutes or less before its our turn.
Pretty floral gate.
Our turn and we were seated at the front! 
Throughout the ride, ''its a small world'' keeps playing but in different languages.
The boats in front of us.

One of the restaurants 
Such a pretty vending machine! 
2.19pm: Bought a sports drink because the weather is so so so so hot! Its really sunny but luckily not humid, so I am not so sticky.
Next! HAUNTED MANSION! The gate itself is so inviting already! 
No more pictures, but its a Haunted Mansion as the name states. We were brought to this hall to listen to something (in Japanese), but should be some ghostly things like somebody dying in the mansion, then it became haunted. LOL. 
Then we were brought to this little room, and the ceiling came crashing down (awesome graphic effects!), then we were brought to this ''seats'' fixed on the conveyor belt. The seats are moving setas, like an escalator, so no matter how long the queue is, it will be forever moving, so actually quite fast! 

Seated on it, it brings you to tour around the mansion. Its dark inside, and then they are ghostly voices etc. There were a part which is a dining room, and a male & female ghost are dancing. And I swear they are ghost. I mean they are really transparent but you can see them. Dafug, so awesome the effects, I never knew how they did it. Then it brought us to the graveyard. Even more awesome, the transparent ghosts appeared from the ground and they are floating around everywhere! I wish I could capture everything to post here but its too dark for any video filming or photo taking :( 
Beef Tomato Stew with Seasoned Rice set. Set includes drink & salad. Y$1500 (SGD$23.85)

Took this picture because the birds make the whole picture so ''disneyland''. I could imagine a princess singing and sweeping the floor while the birds and other small animals were dancing around her. Ok, too many fairytales. Princesses are not even Disney. WTF.
This is something I dare not take, but i heard people screaming their lungs out. So I took picture of the ride.
Spot the ''boat'' at the hole.
It is actually a long way down, not only like this, but the rest of the ''slide'' is covered by rocks & tress.

To be continued...

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