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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tokyo - SkyTree & Odaiba

Hardworking me again! :D 
Taken from Wikipedia - Introduction! This picture may not show how tall it is. But it is gigantically tall! 
''Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー Tōkyō Sukaitsurī?) is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It became the tallest structure in Japan in 2010[2] and reached its full height of 634.0 metres (2,080 ft) in March 2011, making it thetallest tower in the world, displacing the Canton Tower,[3][4] and the second tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa (829.84 m/2,723 ft).[5]''

Shopping mall below the SkyTree.
KFC. Grandpa, why you drink beer!

All the world's tallest buildings here on this chart, then I took a turn and got a shock of my life.
wtf the queue to Skytree. o.o

and this is not all... this is not all. To be continued below...
tadah!!! WTF. I was, jaw dropped from the airconditioned area to this outdoor area. 
Hello I have fainted, bye I am going to shop and give up on going up to the tall tall Skytree.
Hokkaido Milk ice cream to cheer myself up LOL. Y$360 SGD$5.72
Really yummy! I have not taste any bad icecream here either.
Walked around, exploring exploring and found this carpark, not for cars but its for bicycles. Amazing. You can see a lot of bicycles there. So I sneaked a shot right behind the staff. :X

I went around looking for Tokyo Banana. I SPECIALLY came here to buy Tokyo bananas ... because only Tokyo Skytree has that LIMITED EDITION LEOPARD PRINTS Tokyo Bananas. 

And since I came here specially for Tokyo Bananas...
Self shot & I couldn't even take a proper one, and I almost drowned. 
Leopard prints Tokyo Banana (a box of 8) cost Y$1050 SGD$16.70.
The shop is bustling with business. Japanese sales staff will greet the customers warmly, and so, imagine the noise in the shop. Worse than a fish market. Not only the service is warm, the shop is also warm.
Y$15000 triangle watermelon! SGD$238.51.
I don't know if there are people who buy such expensive fruits. 
I can't even.
Looks too yummy.

Skytree is a total crowded place.
Nana's Green Tea!!! 
Hot Matcha with Chocolate Sauce Y$550 SGD$8.75
Soft serve with shiratama, azuki beans, jelly. Y$600 SGD$9.54
Matcha soda Y$450 SGD$7.16
Toilet cubicle: Clean & child friendly.
Camwhore a bit so here is one, in case you miss me.
Note the lady in Kimono on the left. You will see more of such on weekends or special events/holidays. BUt today, there are exceptionally a lot more due to something! (Look out for next post)

Taking a train back to the hotel because the bananas are real heavy! o.O 
Ice cream vending machine on the platform of the train station!  
I am real full, bloated.. but I want to buy, for the fun of it, and also I would love to eat something in the train station/on trains. (Sound really like a deprived-of-eating-in-trains kind of person)
I am thankful that we can eat & drink on trains, but I seldom see people doing that. So I can eat my medicine while I was on the way to the next location. And thank you Japan, although you did not ban people from eating in the train compounds, there is no litter at all, no staining of cushioned train seats. Nothing. 

You put my country to shame. Or ratgher, you put the people here (from anywhere, everywhere) to shame.
I think this is Strawberry Cheesecake Y$120 SGD$1.91
YUMZZ!!! It just taste better.

Put the shopping stuff back at the hotel and went out again! No time to waste when you are on a holiday.(even that I am not well)
Ebi burger that someone on my instagram commented that I have to try!
I tried & I did not regret. It is indeed DELISH.
5pm: The crowd at the train station.

Not any other ordinary day or station. (look out for next post!)
Ferris wheel!

Kawaii Paradise! (Spot another lady in kimono on the right!)
Spot the huge Hello Kitty in the centre!
I am at Hello Kitty Paradise! Everything too Kittish!! 

Cafe. I was really too full, if not you will see many Kittish food! 
Everything too pink.

Even mineral waterbottles are so cute! Now i regret not buying!
Wishes :)

Hello Kitty show in Japanese of course! 

Kitty asked the audience to join her dance! 
Kitty really has no mouth to speak, so she has an assistant to help her :D
And these girls are really crazy about Hello Kitty.
Little girl joins in! (spot the little boy with bag)
The little boy dropped his bag, and joined in!

Candy dispenser. Too cute please. 

Din Din! Ordered our ramen through the vending machine! 
Kukai Ajitama Soba Y$830 SGD$13.20
Noodles served with boiled taste egg in salt-based broth or soy-based broth. 
I chose soy-based :D
Aji-tama Tonkotsu Ramen Y$880 SGD$13.99
Boiled egg hog bone chinese style noodles
My favourite egg! And I had 2! *loves* thank you thank you! 

Next up!

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