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Friday, September 7, 2012

Tokyo - Tsujiki Fish Market, Ginza, Tokyo Tower, Roppongi

Finally another (long) update on the Tokyo trip! :D
6.14am: Bathed, changed, make up done and ready to go out! 
Headed to Family Mart to see if they have panadols, but no there is apparently no panadols in Japan, they have their own paracetamols though.  
Stood outside the station to eat medicine before heading off. Was silly, I could have jus eat inside the station or trains. Too used to the NO EATING thing in Singapore. 
Boarded the Oedo line at 6.30am. SUPER EARLY, its like 5.30am in Singapore and I am up! So proud of myself. Alighted at Tsujiki Station , exit A1 Y$260 (SGD$4.13)

Why am I so early? Because I want to head to Tsujiki Fish Market. This seems to be a MUST-GO for all tourists and there are 2 very very very famous sushi shop. Just google ''Sushi Daiwa/Daiwa-Zushi'' or ''Sushi Dai'', you will find lots of reviews, information on them and most importantly you will see that almost everyone who blogged/commented on these 2 shops, they have one thing in common: LONG QUEUE & LONG WAITING TIME. 

So thats the main reason why I want to head here early in the morning. But seriously, sushi for breakfast early in the morning? No matter what, I have to try. At least once right? I am on a holiday! LOL!
This is at 7.06am (Singapore 6.06am: you must be in dreamland and its National Day in SIngapore today!), and there is so many people already! We chose Sushi Daiwa/Daiwa-Zushi. I don't know the actual name, but is the same. 
Sushi Daiwa Opens from 5.30am to 1.30pm
Bldg 6 Tsujiki 5-2-1 Chuo-Ku

The menu! Most of the people who go there will order their set (right at the bottom).
Did some research on this, to see what is recommended, most people recommended this set because they don't know what is good, and what to order.
This set consist of 7 pieces of Nigiri Sushi, 1 rolled sushi, 1 miso soup, and they served free ocha. 
Y$3500 (SGD$55.65) 

My most expensive breakfast ever. SGD$55.65 per person for sushi at 7.30am. *roll eyes* 
Queued about half an hour. 

Finally got in, and seated. Its a really small shop, with very limited seats, maybe about 20 seats in total. All the seats are counter seats, with the chef making the fresh sushi in front of you. Took this picture and the chef said ''no picture'' :( 
The table is really small & cramp, I got to put my handbag inside a plastic bag which they chuck it in one corner of the shop. Note this black thing at the bottom right corner, its the cashier counter. Yes, I am sitting right in front of it, leaving me with even lesser space compared to other people. 
A small little saucer dish/side plate which i poured in soya sauce, a miso soup and a cup of ocha, and there is no more space left on the table. Picked up a sushi and dip a little bit of soya sauce and the whole piece of sushi dropped into my saucer and splashed soya sauce on my pink top, leaving me a piece of really salty sushi :( 
This is the 7 piece of Nigiri Sushi, I took this from the web but I forgotten where :X
After eating half of it, I felt so full already! Not used to eating rice early in the morning. 
The chef chit chat with us in broken english while we enjoy our sushi. 
This is the rival shop, Sushi Dai. Long queue. 

Leaving Tsujiki Fish Market and decided that since Ginza is not far away, we shall walk there, after eating such a heavy breakfast! 


8am: OMG Shiseido Parlour! It is too early of a time to reach Ginza. 
Ginza is like Singapore's Orchard Road. With all the branded boutiques, make up shops, pretty cafes. 
Its a big place so one brand can afford to have one building to themselves. So you can see a lot of buildings below. 

Pretty signs! We walked from 1-chome ro 7-chome! 
Most shops are not open yet, except for cafes. So I could only take a picture of the buildings as I walk down the street of Ginza.

The 12th floors of Uniqlo! Madness.
Even the roadside flowers are prettier.

Seiko building.

8.42am: Daikin building showing the temperature right now! 25Deg Cel, cooling cooling! I like.

The boutiques are so big (because they have one building to themselves), most of them have cafes inside! Gucci too!
Stopped by Starbucks for a drink! 
A very small cup of Caramel Macchiato Y$390 (SGD$6.20)
Nah, the 12th storey Uniqlo.
People say they have the best macarons! 

Bought 2 to try! Green tea & citrus Y210 each (SGD$3.34 each)

Looks so pretty isn't it? Y$630 (SGD$10.02)
Ginza Okaki, they sell the fish shape pancake with red bean filling! This is the first fish pancake shop! 
Ginza Okaki
Open 10.30 am to 8pm on Sundays, any other days 10.30am to 9pm.
5-6-15 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo. 
Bought a few boxes to bring home! I forgotten how much is it already but I think its about SGD$2 per piece (Picture right at the bottom) 

The service is really good! After buying, the staff sent me all the way from one end of the shop, where the cashier is, to the door, and down the steps! (See above the shop's picture). Imagine if the business is good, and you kept walking customers out of the shops. o.O 
Oh, and bought it home, mummy commented that its a little bit too sweet, but I find that its ok for me :P 
This is the pancake. 
After walking around, left Ginza. 

Took a train to Tokyo station and we were welcomed by this sight..
FOOD HALL AGAIN! Bought some eggs, pictures below. 
Daimaru, you are missed.

All the toilet bowls in Tokyo has a bidet, which I don't use because I feel weird. 

Beautiful cafe! 
3-8-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. 
OMG Muji Cafe! Even when I don't feel hungry, I just got to eat! 

Its like a glass display, with meat, vegetables for you to choose, just like our mix vegetables rice. We have to buy the set, I can't order ala carte. So the set: 2 cold dishes, 1 hot dish and a rice/bread. 
The set is Y$780 (SGD$12.40) , ice coffee additional Y$200 (SGD$3.18).
B's cold pasta, potato & i think its fried fish.
Cold pasta, cold tofu, hot pumpkin,carrot salad kind of thing. 

They sell bread too.
The display for the food. 
This is the box of eggs I bought at Tokyo Station. As most desserts has no preservatives, it has to be eaten on the very same day, if not is the next. So I secretly took out the eggs, after we finished our meals at muji. 
So what are these egs?? 
Chocolate & Creme Brulee Pudding!!! Y$820 (SGD$13.04) for a box of 4.

The address, if you can read. LOL!
Headed downstairs and OMG thee is this HUGE section, selling stationery, makeup, skin care, nail polish, perfumes etc. 

Spotted OPI nail polish Y$2100 (SGD$33.39), which I can get in SIngapore for about SGD$13 online, and SGD$24 in departmental stores. TSK!
Bought some other stuff and we decided to head back to the hotel and put our stuff! 

Spotted this at Yoyogi! Railway, roads for cars and pavement for pedestrians! So cool! 
Train had just past, barriers lifted up for cars and pedestrians to cross! My turn to cross the road! So fun & exciting! 
Taking pictures as I walk real fast because the alarm rang and the barriers will come down anytime, what if I couldn't cross it in time?? o.o
Look mum, I standing on the railway track! 

Our hotel!
What we bought today! Pancakes, Tokyo Bananas, Fish Crackers that is not sold in Singapore anymore, Fancl Cleansing Oil (they have changed a new packaging and Singapore is still selling the old one), Kate eyeliner! 
Tokyo Banana is at Y$1000 per box (8 pieces) (SGD$15.90)
Not forgetting... Panadols. Y$820 (SGD$13.04) for 6 dosages. 
More medicine, 2nd box of panadol, pills for sore throat, lozenges. So you know, part of my money actually goes to their pharmacy. 
4.23pm: Bathed, freshened up and out I go again! 
Funny thing is, in Tokyo, we find that time pass quite slowly. We were out like the whole day and its only 4+pm! The advantages of waking up early!
Took the Oedo line to Akabanebashi to Tokyo Tower!! Y$210 (SGD$3.34) 

So near!!! 

Tickets at Y$820 (SGD$13.04) per adult. 

If you spot any Mt Fuji in any of the brochures or whatever, do not believe. Refer to my Gotemba's post (the previous post), the Mt Fuji on the web is a fake. See above, this brochure also has Mt Fuji but trust me, cannot see Mt Fuji. 

The view at 150 metres! 
Spot Rainbow Bridge! 
Beautiful Tokyo. 
We decided to go higher up to 250 metres! 
Purchase another ticket at 150metres, there is a ticketing office there. 
Pay another Y$600  (SGD$9.54), to go higher up! LOL!

Going up! After climbing stairs and taking elevator.... 
Hello TOKYO!!!!! 

Why is there a door here? 
Me to B : Emergency exit? 
Me, with eyes closed. I took 3 shots like that and 3 are with eyes closed. *Gave up*

Camwhore with Skytree behind! 

The look through glass panel on the floor! Nobody dare to step on it! It is really a little scary :x 
Looking crazy, but I am daring. Ok there is nothing to be afraid of, if the glass really break, there is still the wire mesh, but it might break too. lol! 
Took this picture & whatsapp mummy! Picture doesn't look as scary as real life. 

What it used to be. 
Left Tokyo Tower and headed downstairs for crepes! 

Whats inside: Bananas, Chocolate Syrup, Cheesecake, whipped cream & ice cream. Madness crepe.
Y$600 (SGD$9.54)
It looks delish! 
Goodbye Tokyo Tower, thank you for the beautiful memories, for the beautiful views. 

Took the train, alighted after 2 stops, we reached Roppongi. Y$170 (SGD$2.70)
Wet tissue & a bib! 
7.29pm: Very quiet evening. 
Read on Daniel's Food Diary, he recommended this place, so I told B to bring me here! 
Curry Udon with Prawn Tempura Y$1350 (SGD$21.47)

B's Konaya's curry soup with rice & minced meat (chicken & pork mixed) Y$980 (SGD$15.58) 
After walking around, headed back to the hotel for another exciting day tomorrow! 
Back at the hotel, opened one of the Fish Pancake to try! 
Different from the ones we always see! So small and the fish pouts, so cute! 
And the tissue collected today! LOL! 

Good Night and will be back soon! 

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