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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tokyo - DisneyLand (Part 1)

I will split the DisneyLand post into maybe 2 or 3 parts because I took a lot of pictures & after sorting out, I seemed to have a lot more to post because DisneyLand is too cute to be missed! 
Breakfast in the hotel room before heading out! 
New bag and new top I bought from Gotemba Premium Outlets! Foresee a very sunny day, so I am decked casually! 
Breakfast for B! I took a few bites too! 
Y$190 (SGD$3.02)
On the first day, we topped up Y$2000 (SGD$31.80), and we finished it in 3 days. Topped up another Y$1000 (SGD$15.90) now. 

Mama-shop on the platform in the train stations, people are allowed to eat/drink in trains but the trains/public transport are much much cleaner than the ones in Singapore. We cannot eat/drink, but we can find tissue paper, empty cans/bottles, sweet wrappers on our public transport o.O

Never ending escalator.
Super yummy white strawberry ''hi-chew'' from Y$100 shop! B loves it!
Alighted at our destination and this is what we saw on the platform! Snacks & Ice cream vending machines!
Spot the train!

Actually, we decided on DisneySea.... But I changed my mind and decided to go DisneyLand instead! 

Ticketing counters
Admission fee: Y$6200 (SGD$98.58) per adult. 
It happened to be Japan school holidays this week, so I decided to change my itinerary - to go DisneyLand on a weekday instead of weekend. Reason being, I have other places to go to on weenkend, and since its school holidays, it won't be quiet or desserted in DisneyLand. School holidays also mean more activities here! Like maybe more shows or anything special :X

See the queue forming at the left side? Pooh Bear wins! Has the longest queue. They are queueing to take pictures with him.

When I stepped in to DisneyLand, its like so USS. The concept is the same, just that this is disney themed and everything looks more cutesy and beautiful.

First food stop! Found a seat and took pictures while waiting for B to buy me waffles!
Mickey Mouse, you are cute but sorry I have to eat you.
Mickey waffle with strawberry custard sauce, whipped cream and additional ice cream + orange juice Y$940 (SGD$14.95)

So cute & I so want to buy them home!
This too!

Looks so yummy but I am full already.
So cute! This machine makes metal plates/medallion.
HEEE! Buying for fun! Y$100 (SGD$1.59)

Placing it on my palm to take picture and I shouted ''Wow, hot!''
B says ''of course, its metal -_-''

Many things/buildings are so beautiful but I got to stop captioning them ''beautiful''.

Orange Mickey ice cream Y$300 (SGD$4.77)

Mickey, I am eating you again.
Strawberry Mickey Churro! I am eating Mickey again! Y$300 (SGD$4.77)

We are going to be F1 drivers!

Lots of people but very fast moving queue, I haven't even finish my churro, and its our turn!

B drove & I take picture!

Saw a queue forming and a ''meet Mickey session'', so we joined the queue. Queued and went into Mickey's house. The queue brought us around Mickey's house. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden before meeting mickey.

Thank you for making my dream come true! 
More to come! 

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