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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tokyo - Asakusa Sensoji Temple

A short post tonight, next week will be a really busy week for me. So I will try my best to blog more this week, but for now... a short one first.
8am: Still looking pretty even though I am sick! wtf
Nah, medicine medicine medicine, for breakfast with...
Today I will be heading to Sensoji Temple which is 浅草寺 which you see at the top left hand, and will also be heading to Skytree (top right hand) , but i will only be posting Sensoji for tonight! 
Tsujiki fish market which I had went - here!
Train station, they have all sorts of train stations until I am already very confused between JR, subway, trains? 
Train from Shinjuku to Daimon on Oedo line Y$260 SGD$4.13

Roadside flowers, why you so pretty?
Stop by this cafe for breakfast! 
Latte with Panda coffeeart so cute please! Y$480 (SGD$7.63)
Caramel cappuccino Y$390 + with seal coffeeart Y$140 = Y$530 SGD$8.43
Yes, I paid for the coffeeart wtf, but the staff is friendly and very very polite, so ok la, I am on a holiday & thank you, thank you for good service, nice food, great coffee and cute coffeeart!
Toast with maple syrup Y$230 SGD$3.66
Earl grey chiffon Y$500 SGD$7.95
Spot Skytree (that tallest building!)

Because this place is near Skytree, so the shops by the roadside are selling biscuits/cookies related to Skytree.
The famous Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street.
This very famous picture-taking place! 

Green tea. Very nice green tea in one of the shops on the shopping street. 
(don't you think... even a cup of simple green tea on a table, by the roadside, is so beautiful? wtf, find me something that is not nice in Japan please)
Oh, and did I say, all the pictures on my Tokyo trip are taken by my iphone4s. Thank you pretty phone, thank you for working at your very best to bring us good pictures! 

OMG Senbei! They are making and BBQing Senbei on the spot!!
Warm warm freshly made senbei! OMG! Y$100 SGD$1.59
Redbean pancake! I got a box of these to give to the colleagues in office.
Food street outside the temple. 

Magnificent. Beautiful. 

There is this ''well', many people are crowding around here, some are drinking the well water, some are washing their hands and feet. So.. What do I do? 
This is the correct method apparantly. LOL. 
I patiently waited and washed my hands lol! 
Then I threw all my coins in..
Then I go around praying.

Oh, and according to the nice lady from the travel agent, she mentioned this is one of the must-go (for tourists) places. Indeed there are a lot of tourists. 

Huge place!

After walking a while, I saw this group of people here.. They are doing the scooping air action and then bring it to their body, head, everywhere on them la. So I walk over & did the same. 
WTF monkey see, monkey do. 
What is in the pot.
Stopped by this stall selling 5 Yakitori for Y$500 SGD$7.95 which is very cheap. 

After that I saw a stall selling 1 yakitori for the same price! 

This street just reminds me of Crayon Shinchan. LOL! I don't know why.
Anyway, I want to snap that ''carpark''. Cool, space saving car parking system!

My brother sure love this. LOL He only eat the tamago & cucumber sushis. Why his sister (me) is a Japanese food-siao(crazy)?
Found Gindaco too! 
Next up: SkyTree!! 

Thank you Japan once again. Thank you for being beautiful. (I have said millions of thanks)
Thanking is never enough,

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