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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tokyo - the 1 hour 20 minutes fireworks display (Odaiba)

The ''event'' I was talking about is .... This fireworks festival in Japan! 
They happen to have one during my stay there, so I planned to head there! Although fireworks are just fireworks, but watching fireworks in another country can be quite cool. The ambience, the people. 

I took a total of 25 videos & 164 pictures on fireworks but I can't seem to open the videos properly on my laptop -_- 
So I am posting pictures first (of course not all of the 164 pictures, you will die)! Wait till I share the video with you.


Many ladies were dressed in Kimonos. 
Rainbow bridge! This bridge is called the Rainbow Bridge because, it changes into rainbow colours at night - effects from the lightings of course. 
As the fireworks is starting soon (7pm, but I had no idea how long will it be), the Rainbow Bridge is white bridge for now. 
As they shot up the first firework, everyone squeal in joy! wtf, everybody. No pushing, no scolding people, no shouting at people to move. Everybody is enjoying the fireworks in sweat.

I forgot what is this. Ultraman? 
I only remembered there is flower, dragonfly, butterfly, dog, planets, and never-ending fireworks.

And I don't know what is this. 

Dog! I don't believe it at first, so they made more dogs. 
Then the Japanese go ''kawaiiiiiiii~~~~!!''

Although everything is amazing, I had to say this is the one that almost made me teared! Too beautiful. This picture cannot show/explan how beautiful it is. But is is totally beautiful. 
They shot a really high fireworks into the sky, into the smoke left behind by the previous ones, then it ''booomed'' into fireworks , you can only see half of it, and half is ''inside'' the smoke. WTF i totally don't understand my description. 
See see. Nevermind it is really beautiful. 
かわいい!            ビューティフル!

Ok, thats all! Must go & see for yourself. 
What I have lugged back earlier on (most of them from skytree)
Lots of bananas, masks for friends, cute redbean pancake, hellokitty snacks and most importantly, MEDICINE. fml
Crazy over bananas? 

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