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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tokyo - DisneyLand (Part 3)

Last post on Disneyland! :( 
Spotted a long long queue here, and the smell of turkey leg attracted us, and looking at the people around us, holding a turkey leg and eating like a glutton. So, I want to try too!
My turkey leg Y$500 (SGD$7.95) 
Quite expensive & not even nice. It smells real good but I am not a fan of turkey and I really don't find it nice at all. Threw it away after eating half of it. :P
Saw this pretty pier, there is this ship behind this building, which i want to take after I finish my turkey leg!

Then a choo choo train pass by! I want to take the choo choo train as well!
I am waving to the people on the train. I really wave.
This is that ''ship'' I am talking about.
Sitting here, eating turkey leg and waving to the people when the ship is departing. 

Why are there so many people sitting on the floor?? So I stood around and waited as the staff trying their very best to clear the path.
Then there is a music from the left, OMG 花车 parade! 
First up, Minnie mouse. Looking so princessy! So i wave *frantically* :D
SEE! So many people waving as well! So don't imagine that I am the only one waving among the crowds. They are all friendly people!
Beauty & the beast prince, in front. Followed by Cinderella in the middle of the car.

Pocahontas! Love the cartoon when I was young! Totally in love with ''Colours of the wind''.
Pooh bear and his gang! 

Simba the Lion King!!! Another favourite! (when there are so many favourites, ''favourite'' is overly used) Simba is so cute, keep as a pet also happy, everyday going home to Simba. 
Stitch, the weird dog or bear or dinosaur or monster thing.

My neighbour's (at work) favourite, so I will always make fun of Stitch, and she will make fun of Hello Kitty.
But please, can you imagine the stitch dancing? 
I think is Peter Pan? 
Seriously, they put in so much effort. Dance, act like they are fighting, and everything. Good job! 
And Pinocchio's car emits bubbles!
3 little pigs! 

Spot the clowns in the above 3 pictures. They are dangling and overturning and stuff. 

Toy story! I forgotten his name

Mickey! *waves*

Lastly... Presented by Docomo. Docomo (handphone service provider), is also what I was using when I was there. Thank you Docomo for the good good service/reception. Very pleased & happy with it. Better than the Starhub in Singapore.

After the parade...
choo choo train!

Boy ah, why you keep putting your hand out of the train.
Not real animals! For a while, I felt like I am in the zoo.
And they can move, slight movements only though.

Spot the ship while on the train. *wave*
Waved to the people on board the ship, and they wave back. LOL I did nothing except, eating & waving.

Spot the roller coaster... Those people are screaming their lungs out, but when they saw us(the train), they waved to us and continue screaming, WTF the whole train-ful of us, laugh out loud literally. Japanese are so nice & cute & friendly like this.
There are a lot of carts selling popcorns. Different flavours, but I had now forgotten the flavours o.o
I only remembered what I had, thanks to these pictures.
Curry popcorn that I could not stop eating.
Y$300 (SGD$4.77)

OHHH so, the ''ship'' that I have been talking about above, is called ''riverboat''. *shy*
Boarding the Riverboat!

So pretty!
Went up to the highest floor, stood by the railings & eat popcorns and waved to the people on the ground. Like Titanic! 

The choo choo train got smoke! 
*wave* but got ignored :x They are too busy eating, ok, forgiven!
Done with the Riverboat.
5.17pm: Guess where are we!
Cinderella's castle!


How to come again? SGD$98+ ! 

Ok, next time! 
Tired, and bought a Frozen Mango, sat down and rest!
Y$300 (SGD$4.77)

Frozen Mango is nice! I think they took the real fruit and freeze it? Its sweet, and yummy! Not sour at all.

One last look...
The sky at 6.18pm.

Guess what??
Teriyaki chicken & pork bun Y$400 (SGD$6.36)
I was wondering how to combine teriyaki chicken & pork?
So, the Mickey ears are the pork bun, the face is the teriyaki chicken (nice!). Ribbon is nothing, just plain bun. Basically is like the pau/bao we have in Singapore. But because its Mickey, so its nicer.

They have the Minnie one but its Strawberry Milk or something (sweet), I didn't get that because I was too full. Now blogging this, I am blaming myself, I should have just buy and try and don't finish also never mind. But quite expensive leh :x
Pork & squid crepe Y$500 (SGD$7.95)
The castle, at night :D
This is what we always see in pictures, brochures... And I am here, at Disneyland Tokyo.

Indeed... Time flies when you are having fun.
With that, we bought some stuff and left Disneyland... 

Thank you Disneyland, you are a wonderful place. Very pretty, very attentive staff, very friendly staff, very nice, very beautiful, very good, very worth it. 
Female priority cabin in trains.
Back with my buys earlier on!

Above 5 plastic bags are with the stuff I bought, below are the additional plastic bags that the staff gave, because they know that most of the stuff are gifts for friends, so they gave 1 plastic bag for each item we bought. How nice, how thoughtful.
Those wrapped up, are cups & tumbler. 
Bought this metal barrel mug for about SGD$20 O.O and walked around the shop for ages just to find the perfect stirrer or teaspoon and finally I found one! Mickey & Minnie teaspoons in a pack, last one somemore! And it cost SGD$20 for the 2 teaspoons. 

Spot godson's pooh's shoes! SO CUTE! The staff tried to tell me something when I was paying for the shoes, and I couldn't understand, so she took the effort, and took out her notebook and a pen, she wrote ''above 6 months'' in numbers & chinese. So i bow slightly, ''ok ok! thank you!''. MUAHAH! Hope godson likes it! Although I think he wouldn't even know, but I will keep reminding him, my first gift to him is this shoes I got from Disneyland.

And the cute toothbrush princess set for goddaughter.
Too yummy.

Took a train, and changed train, back to Shinjuku. Total is about Y$450 (SGD$7.16) for the train ride (one way).
Headed out at night to get supper from Family Mart. 
Another example that the Japanese are thoughtful. The disposable chopsticks.. comes with toothpick too! I know its nothing to awe about but its the small little thoughts that makes people happy. 
Mini cup noodles with yakitori. 
Free tissue & wet tissue I collected today! 

This post marks the end of Disneyland posts :( 
Thank you Disneyland once again.

Coming up: Asakusa (I went to a temple!), Skytree, Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise, 1 hour 20 mins fireworks at Odaiba beach, Harajuku, Shibuya... ... 

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