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Monday, September 26, 2016

My favourite Ginger Drink - Gingen


 photo IMG_1632_zpsrwclkfa7.jpg

Proud to say I REALLY LOVE GINGER. Be it eaten raw or in the form of a drink. Even before Gingen sent me these, I have tried everything because everyday after lunch in the office, I will make myself a cup of ginger drink, to get rid of all bloatedness.

 photo IMG_1634_zpsywrtsfa3.jpg

Chinese and Thai people use every part of ginger (root, tank, and leaf) to cure their ailment, ginger acts as the anti-flatulence and act against nausea, vomiting and vertigo. It also helps to decrease blood coagulation and peptic ulcers, by increasing bile and enzyme production and it also helps to prevent cancer.

 photo IMG_1635_zpsx0v9no2j.jpg
No Sugar (100% Ginger)
Strong Ginger (80% Sugar)
Ginger with Brown Sugar (75% Ginger)
Ginger with Honey (69% Ginger)

Gingen is available at selected Cold Storage, Fairprice, Giant, Mustafa, Prime, & Sheng Siong, at S$5.80 per box of 10 sachets.

 photo IMG_1633_zpsge8dcz30.jpg

100% Ginger and Ginger with Honey are available in big packs like this with 20 sachets at S$9.90 at selected Fairprice and Mustafa.

Look at how I paired my sweet treats with ginger drink.

 photo IMG_3473_zpsxlkczhlt.jpg

Jenny Cookies from Hong Kong from Randy and Diana.

 photo IMG_3770_zpsziwvdsts.jpg

Goody Bag from godson's birthday party!

Thank you Gingen for sending my favourite ginger drink.

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