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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Celebrating Nikki's Birthday @ Grounded by CMCR

Address: 22 Martin Road #02-00 Singapore 239058
Telephone: +65 68364695
Operating Hours: 7.30am to 6pm Daily

 photo IMG_3044_zpscsvwjpbn.jpg

Last weekend, I had three birthday celebrations and this is one of them. My dearest dong seang Nikki's birthday falls on today, so we planned to celebrate the weekend before. Didn't had much ideas in mind as we ran out of ideas what to do in Singapore, so we ended up with eating the whole day long.

 photo IMG_3039_zpsmpzq9pdy.jpg
Houjicha Cake S$40

Jacq did the sourcing and ordering, the cake turns out to be so pretty! Cake is from Edith Patisserie, the houjicha taste is very subtle and and is overpowered by the cream.

 photo IMG_3040_zps2f7iyl7q.jpg
Stitch Macarons in lavender flavour S$5.50 each (minimum 10 pieces)

Macarons are from my favourite macaron place, Bonheur Patisserie! And guess what! We pieced them together! Because customised Stitch Macaron + Cake is very expensive.

The craft on the cake is from Hazel's Handmade.

 photo IMG_2773_zpsaecx9rvb.jpg

Back to the lovely space at Grounded, we didn't know the whole cafe is Alfresco style, so you can imagine how humid and hot it was. This long stretch of seats is definitely better than the space we reserved because there are ceiling fans right above.

 photo IMG_2775_zpswmpk5kjj.jpg

 photo IMG_2776_zpse3ffrsmq.jpg

 photo IMG_3042_zpsglsfq1gw.jpg

Order and pay at the counter first.

Some expensive coconut water at the barista cum cashier counter.

 photo IMG_3043_zpswfzkkrjm.jpg
Coffee S$5

Not sure why Grounded served their coffee in disposable cups. Cutleries are also disposable. Save the earth no?

 photo IMG_2917_zpsw7jex4az.jpg

Lovely hand shot by Jacq. Finally did my nails!

Have to say again that I really love Pris' work. Maybe a close up shot in another post next time.

Luckily Nikki was late, so we have time to take all our cake shots, nails shots.

 photo IMG_3041_zps0aipsl7q.jpg

And we have time to slowly think how do we want to decorate the cake.

 photo IMG_2792_zpsygxq6xae.jpg

So we ended up with this! I am so happy and glad how pretty this turns out to be! Glad it surprised her a little.

 photo IMG_2862_zps6lvfgtkk.jpg

Now back at the food after we are settled down.

 photo IMG_3045_zps7ytbqnqs.jpg
Matcha Pancakes S$16

A very disappointing brownish looking matcha pancake, very subtle in taste, the dragon fruit jam tasted very citrusy, didn't enjoy this dish.

 photo IMG_3046_zpsicqmjxaf.jpg
Avocado Toast S$16 + Poached Eggs S$6

The bread was toasted till very hard that I am unable to cut it with their disposable wooden knife.

 photo IMG_3047_zpsc5ccmbg0.jpg
Balanced Burger S$17

This was surprisingly better than what i expected and maybe the best among the three dishes.

 photo IMG_3009_zpsvzd20co8.jpg

 photo IMG_2770_zpslcaugbir.jpg

Baos + Hannah!

 photo IMG_3014_zpskznb7mtx.jpg

 photo IMG_2899_zpschh3votx.jpg

Back at Jacq's place after that for the 2nd round of surprise!

 photo IMG_2803_zpsu4sdbvm8.jpg

Steamboat as usual, our homemade HDL.
 photo IMG_3017_zpsz8vvchrd.jpg
Then I presented Nikki the 2nd surprise! My funny expression face caused my dong seangs to laugh at me.

 photo IMG_3048_zpsfbrkq9cu.jpg
Stitch Macaron Tower

 photo IMG_3049_zpskzl11ikr.jpg
Matcha Tart

 photo IMG_3050_zpsrws7wwua.jpg

Photo shoot table instantly set up. I don't have to be worried so long I am with bloggers & instagrammers.

 photo IMG_3051_zpsaxcytg6r.jpg

Behind the scene for all the beautiful pictures by my friends. HAHA!

 photo FullSizeRender 4_zpstma8hgt8.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender 5_zpstawme4yr.jpg


 photo FullSizeRender 3_zpsbwjup6lf.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_zps2xywzijj.jpg
3 of us again!

 photo FullSizeRender 2_zps4bzuim2j.jpg

Can change DP for our group chat.

 photo IMG_2853_zpspaok6msa.jpg

Anyhow take, I think this picture will be perfect if I didn't make this idiotic face. Love the colour of these pictures! And these pictures are raw pics, non edited.

 photo IMG_2856_zpsvntu9fr9.jpg

Proper group picture.

 photo IMG_2857_zpswydmu3yc.jpg

And I blocked everybody from taking pictures.

 photo IMG_2855_zpso0nmjgye.jpg

Ending this post with funny faces from us!

Happy Birthday Nikki Mei Mei! Just nice this week coincides with our 2nd year friendship in Facebook! Cheers to many more years ahead.


  1. Yay so much love from me to you! *\(^o^)/* thank you for this friendship!

    1. thank you for the friendship too, to many more years ahead <3

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